Monday, June 25, 2012

My quest for the inner peace. Ep 1

You're probably wondering what my inner peace has anything to do with my personal beauty blog. Well, I loose my good feeling about myself as soon as my inner self stirs up. And who would be beautiful without feeling great inside?
In the past few years, stress, tension, emotions, pain, frustration, anger, sadness, you name it, have built up. The good thing is they didn't come to me without notice. I acknowledged the fact and tried to do exercise, find new hobbies (e.g. this blog :D), set new challenges, etc... All those trying helped me to stay focus for some time but then the stress came back. I lost the focus again. Something was still missing.

After several years of experimenting different fitness regimes, I became to realize that they did work my muscles but didn't touch my mind. Being a thinker, and actually loving to ponder about the whole world, I got trapped easily in my thoughts and loose the calmness. Now that things quiet down a little, my stronger wiser self tells me: my mind needs to work out just as much as my physical body. Until then, I won't find the peace I once owned and lost. I'd be able to focus again and feel good again.

Long story for short, while looking for a meditation course, I found out about Dahn Yoga. It's the branch of yoga that places equal emphasis on physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It combines yoga, meditation, tai chi and martial art exercise. Exactly what I need! Everyday, I look forward to the one-hour painful training, which I never do with any other fitness program.

This is only my week three and I already see and feel the difference. So, I decided to post a documentary series about the process. Let's start with some observations :)

I've lost 2 pounds after one week practicing Dahn Yoga and maintained the same weight for over 2 weeks. Put it in a commercial perspective, Dahn Yoga does more to my body in 1 week than Brazilian Butt Lift does in 2 months. Even though losing weight isn't my primary goal, I might have just detoxify my body and lost water weight.

After the classes, I don't feel like eating a lot, especially high protein food (doesn't sound like myself at all). Instead, I crave for plenty of water, fruit and vegetables.

I feel relaxed and at ease.

Have you tried out yoga? Any tips on sustaining a good regime? Any thoughts?

I'll share more about Dahn Yoga, my adaptation to the daily life, and hopefully certain improvement on my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Where the mind goes; the energy follows, the blood flows and the matter occurs. 


  1. Great post! I never thought of practicing yoga but you just changed my mind. Thank you!


    1. @ Tina: yoga has healing power, good for your body and spirit!


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