Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Blush 01 Love Lust

At the first few applications, Tom Ford Blush in Love Lust ($55 for 0.28 oz) didn't win my heart completely, not as much as the other 4 blushes I own. It seemed like another easy peachy blush that you can find from just every brand on the market. But then Mr. Ford never fails to impress. The more I wear it, the more I love and appreciate everything about it. A true winner! 

Click to enlarge
Let's first explore the stunning texture of Love Lust. Like the rest of Tom Ford powder products, particularly his blushes, it has velvety texture that feels so silky smooth. But it's not over powdery. The blush blends seamlessly and effortlessly into my skin, producing a second-skin layer.

You can see the silky texture of Love Lust here. It's heavenly smooth :)

Love Lust is a brown-based peachy infused with shimmer of the same color. It's also pigmented but the color itself is soft and subtle. You would need to layer several times for it to show up on tanner skins. If you're fair to medium, you can get away with one or two swipes. And now matter how sheer you apply it, it stays on for good 8 hours then gradually fades after that. When I remove it at hour 12, I still see a thin layer of Love Lust left. Adore!! It's exceptional on my cheeks.

Love Lust is the most frosty among Tom Ford blushes yet it still create sheen rather than sparkly cheeks. The shimmer is ultra fine as you can see from the picture. It shows up more clearly in the swatches than in the pan. That's the kind of shimmer I love to wear. And I'm not even a fan of shimmer. I've said this multiple times and will do it again: Tom Ford executes shimmer and sparkles brilliantly. Although Love Lust (and Tom Ford shimmer in general) is also frosty, it's not the same as any other brands I've tried such as Dior, Chanel, Guerlain, Le Mertier de Beaute, Edward Bess, Burberry, and the likes.
As I mentioned earlier, I thought Love Lust only offered mediocre color that I already have a ton in my stash. Well, it's quite close and the color ain't that different from the peachy pink genre I have. Tom Ford Love Lust has more brown than the others. It would compliment warm skin tones better than cool tones. However, it's neutral enough to work on a various skin color and depth. I would recommend a dense blush brush like Mac or Studio Gear 13 to apply Love Lust (and Tom Ford blushes). If you use a more fan out brush (like a MAC angle brush), the brush tends to only pick up the shimmer, leaving most of pigment behind. It isn't a bad thing but then you'd loose the specialty of Tom Ford blushes - its fun color. 
Tom Ford Love Lust and other peachy pink blushes

Swatches near window, full sun. Love Lust is the most brown blush. 

A look I did with Love Lust. Full list of makeup is here
Tom Ford blushes come with a velvet pouch and large mirror. I love the case design but will prefer a more sturdy/luxe material. And usually with a price like this, I expect a nice quality brush like Burberry's. It doesn't mean that I'll use it. It's more for the convenience on the go. 

Finally, I want to discuss the price point. You pay $55 for 0.28 oz of product or about $196/oz. This is double the amount of a standard blush. How does it compare to other high-end blushes?

In terms of price per quantity:

Burrberry: $42 for 0.24 oz ($175/oz).
Chanel: $43 for 0.21 oz ($205/oz).
Guerlain Duo: $50 for 0.21 oz ($238/oz).
Dior: $42 for 0.26 oz ($161/oz).
Le Mertier de Beaute: $30 for 0.13 oz ($230/oz).

Tom Ford blushes are priced in the higher range among the designer brands yet not the most expensive. Some may argue that Tom Ford Beauty enters the market recently while the others have been there for decades. It might not be reasonable to price the products at that range. I've tried all of the above except for Le Mertier de Beaute and the quality of Tom Ford blushes, Love Lust included, is extremely competitive to the other brands. Just throw out my two cents!

Have you tried Love Lust? Do you like it or pass it over? 

Bottom line. Totally in love! Even though you can find similar color somewhere else, the quality is unbeatable in my opinion. If you haven't tried Tom Ford blushes though, I would recommend Flush, Ravish and Narcissist (or Wicked) instead.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

Preview- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

It probably won't be an exaggeration to title Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders as the most hyped new product of the season. After much pondering and testing, I settled for Diffused Light. 

Full review and swatches are coming soon here

A couple of reasons behind the purchase: a) need a setting powder that events out my skin tone without caking up and flattens out my already quite flat facial structure and b) I'm so curious about the light-correcting feature this product claims to possess. My first impression is it's a really good setting powder but no magical. We'll see. For now, I let the picture says a thousand words. 

Thank you for reading everyone! Happy Monday!

Neiman Marcus Beauty Event 2013 - My trip

It was short, sweet and to-the-point.

I arrived at Neiman 30 minutes after it was opened then headed straight to eh Tom Ford counter. Don't wonder why. You know why. I've wanted his Illuminating Primer and Traceless Foundation Stick since last year. Both came home with me :D and reviews are on their way.
Of course, I couldn't miss playing with all of Tom Ford new lip color shines that are released for Spring 2013 and now become part of the permanent line. The quality is superb, moisturizing, pigmented for such sheer and shine formula and all the colors are lovely. You have many options to choose from nude to soft coral, pinks to bright, bold pink orange to bright orange red. While I ADORE the texture, I'm not feeling any colors, or maybe the summer collection promo picture promises more. Skipped them for now.

Swatches of Tom Ford Lip color shines 
(Sorry for the crappy quality. I was rushing to get the heck out of Houston Galleria before the weekend traffic flushed in:()
Neiman gave me the tote (I pick orange!) and samples. Tom Ford counter offers beauty samples and a deluxe sample of Illuminating Primer (with a pump! Isn't it handy?) if you purchase the full-size primer itself.

Tom Ford Gift With Purchase during Neiman Marcus Beauty Event

Neiman Marcus Gift With Purchase - the tote 

and the samples
Then, I swung by Le Metier de Beaute. Their SA wasn't there at the time. Odd eh? Someone at Trish McIvoy matched Classic Flawless foundation for me. She did an apt job in matching foundation. I'll test the sample in the next week and report soon.

That was it.

Have you picked up anything during this event? Did you discovered any extraordinaries?

The event runs from 02/21 through 03/03/2013.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup 02/23

Happy Saturday everyone!! Hope your weekend has been delightful. I ran to Neiman Marcus this morning to catch the store's beauty event. Then I set off for grocery shopping and gardening and prepared some desert for tomorrow's Oscar ceremony. Not sure if I'll watch it yet but I do want to check out this year makeup trend. And here are some highlights from the Beauty Blogazons!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick Indian Rose

Tom Ford Indian Rose ($48 for 0.10 oz) is one of the only two lipsticks I own from the brand (the other being Black Orchid here and here). Even though I feel like we can find similar quality and packaging elsewhere, I know immediately that I need Indian Rose in my life. It's become my no brainer lipstick whenever I want to brighten up and soften my looks. It gives me an English rose kinda lips. Who doesn't like it, right? 

Indian Rose is a pigmented warm medium pink with satin finish. It goes on opaque with one layer as a soft warm pink with just a teeny tiny hint of brown. When applied in 3 layers, it shows up completely pink on my naturally red lips. I prefer to wear it with 2 layers so that my natural lip color peeks through.

Like other Tom Ford lipsticks, Indian Rose has heavenly creamy texture that glides on seamlessly into my lips, moisturizeing them without being too fragile for application (*cough* Vincent Longo). His lipsticks feel weightless and hydrating on the lips. You won't feel like wearing lipsticks at all. It's superb but Tom Ford isn't the only who delivers. This luxurious quality can be found in Guerlain Rouge G, Edward Bess Ultra Sleek, Dior Addict, Burberry Lip Cover and the likes. 

It's breathtakingly stunning isn't it? Especially for such a wearable shade. 
What really grabs my heart though is the long wearing. My easy-to-be-dehydrated lips usually bear lighter color lipsticks for 4 hours without food or drink. Tom Ford Indian Rose stays fresh for 5 hours without drinking or eating. It can last all the way to hour 7 yet the color isn't as vibrant as my lips gradually absorbs it. For the lipstick to stay put longer, you can apply it in thin layers and lightly blot. But if you're happy with 5 hours plus lunch and no touch up then no need for blotting. 

Swatches 2 layers
Tom Ford lipsticks come in a gold-trimmed brown square case that feels luxury and a bit masculine in an attractive way. The cap closes tightly with a click. The brand logo TF is engraved on the lipstick bullet. All in all, I feel like my $$ isn't completely a waste for the packaging. 

That brings me to the price. At $48 range, you can find similar quality in other brands like I mentioned above. Lipsticks are the one department where so many brands from drugstore to luxury do an exceptional job. If you put aside the colors of Tom Ford lipsticks (in my case it's the main reason for the expensive procurement of Indian Rose and Black Orchid), I won't run to the counter or raid the online stores just to get them like I did with his blushes. In other words, they're excellent but I don't think they deserve the price tag. I think $30s would be more reasonable. However, we have different purposes in buying a beauty product. I adore Tom Ford and while the price slows me down in collecting his beauty line, I don't mind overpaying for my favorite lipsticks.  

Here is a look with Indian Rose. Full makeup list here

Bottom line. OBSESSED. My latest everyday lipstick. I will absolutely repurchase once finishing it. The price could be more friendly though. 

Have you checked out Tom Ford Indian Rose or any of his lipsticks? I would love to hear your thoughts on the brand. Anything Tom Ford please! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tom Ford blushes swatches - Lovelust, Flush, Savage, Ravish, Narcissist

My obsession with Tom Ford blushes all started with his Narcissist. I then literally raced to the counter and grabbed four more, leaving two behind for good reasons :D.

All of Tom Ford blushes have unbelievably exquisite shimmer. But don't let the word "shimmer" itself push you away. Tom Ford executes the bling brilliantly. The shimmer shows up in heavy swatches but when applied on the cheeks lightly, it becomes undetectable to the naked eyes (unless your nose rests against the mirror :p). All creates delicate sheen on your cheeks at different levels. The texture feels like velvet that blends seamlessly into the skin, exactly like cream blushes. The shimmer doesn't sit on top of the pigment. All are gorgeous, stay on for at least 8 hours on my combination skin. I'm so obsessed with them all!!!

You can check out the review of Narcissist here. The rest will come up soon. In the mean time, here is a gloss-over of each shade.

Lovelust is pinky peach with tiny cool pink pearl finish. The most frosty out of his current blushes. It can be use as a highlighter to create a subtle glow on the cheek bones. See it here with Tom Ford Black Orchid, Shade and Illuminate 2 and Brow Sculptor Espresso. It's tremendous!

Flush is vibrant peachy coral with delicate coral shimmer. Like Narcissist, it requires a very light hand and you can build it up easily. It creates a 60s vibe when paired with Burberry Devon Sunset! Flush is one of those shades that instantly brighten up your complexion. Unbelievably lovely!

Savage is a warm brown with a hint cool pink shimmer and red undertone. It's the least shimmery of the bunch together with Narcissist. It isn't as pigmented as the rest and requires multiple layers to become opaque. Usually I count this as a weakness. However, Mr Ford is a genius. A deep color like Savage would handily create a mess on the cheeks if it were too pigmented. So I actually LOVE its sheerness. 

Ravish is pinky brown with strong cool pink undertone that is similar to that of Narcissist and cool pink shimmer. A very sophisticated color! When applied lightly, it doesn't look that different from Savage. But when built up the cool pink undertone and shimmer really add such a beautifully surprising glow for the cheeks. I can't help but LOVE it!

Swatches under slight cool lighting

Have you picked any of Tom Ford blushes or any other products? What are your favorites? 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: Bourjois Foundations Healthy Mix 53 and Healthy Mix Serum 53

Bourjois probably has the highest reputation in making great affordable foundations among highstreet brands. Too bad it withdrew from the US a few years back and now available on (and of course ebay and amazon). Here is how I got to try two of their most talked about foundations, Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum. 

Back in last July, my mom asked me what random present I wanted from her. Well, the foundations were sold old on while she had the access to them. So eh hem, naturally, I told her about Bourjois healthy mix and healthy mix serum if she could :D. So, a few weeks later, I got them. My mom is beyond awesome!!! 

Why these two? I first got attracted by their supposedly healthy ingredients. They're both packed with vitamins and have fruity scent. If the makeup must have fragrance, I want fruit and vegetable. Second, I've read many reviews that are sort of divided but all agree on the medium to full coverage and smooth texture. My only concern is the oxidation. 
I myself found Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum almost similar. The latter has slightly more dewy finish than the first. I can tell the difference by squeezing them between my fingers. Healthy Mix Serum feels more slippery albeit not as much as Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Both have lightweight texture that blends flawlessly into the skin. Both, Healthy Mix Serum more so, remind me of the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in terms of texture, color, wearing and the finish. 

I agree with the comment that both Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum have light-weight texture, something I usually don't find in older generations of drugstore foundations. They provide medium to full coverage. When built up, they both look natural. 

Some have reported the shade range discrepancy across Bourjois foundations. It's certainly not the case for Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum. You can see in the swatch that they look identical. I can only see the difference after about one hour wearing when my skin oil starts to react with the foundations. After one hour, Healthy Mix Serum becomes more dewy and Healthy Mix still stays matte. 
Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum give me natural finish yet it's not as fine as a second skin. They oxidize to a more orange color but it's an ok oxidation. They stay put for about 6 hours without primer or setting powder.

Bottom line. Not ideal foundations for my skin but very good from highstreet brands like Bourjois. For me it's a great dupe for YSL Touche Eclat Foundation so I skip YSL.

*****A side note on my skin and foundations*****
 I have medium yellow undertone (MAC NC 25-30) with some redness on the cheek and dull skin on the chin. My face skin is nearly one shade deeper than the neck. I look for a foundation that match my neck skin to create a seamless transition from face to neck. I don't classify my skin as good but I don't have break out or major skin problems. Loads of foundations turn orangy or muddy on me within one to three hours of wearing. This is the frustration of finding a good foundation for my makeup.  

Four must-have traits of a good foundation for me
  1. doesn't turn orange or muddy throughout the day
  2. dries in natural finish
  3. evens out the color and smoothes the skin (finely milled texture)
  4. covers veins, discoloration, redness and minor dark spots

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Bourjois Blush 48 le Cendre de Rose Brune

Bourjois baked blushes offer really chic classic rosy shades that are all easy-to-wear. Since most of them contain shimmery from subtle to intense, I'm happy to Bourjois le Cendre de Rose Brune ($12 for 0.08 oz), the only matte blush in the line. I love that it doesn't look flat and plain due to its matte finish! Le Cendre de Rose Brune  a pretty medium rosy pink with a light hint of plum. On my cheeks, it leans cool yet still neutral enough to look natural on my warm skin tone. This is a throw-away color that you can use to tie your look together. A pretty, soft and chic rosy pink!

Rose Frison is warm peachy pink. Le Cendre de Rose Brune is a cool medium rosy pink. 

Le Cendre de Rose Brune heavily swatched under direct sunlight
Like Rose Frison, le Cendre de Rose Brune has fine texture and easy to apply. It goes on opaque with 2 layers. I like to build it up in several micro-layers then blend out really well for the most natural pinching cheeks. It stays fresh for about 3 hours on my rather dry cheeks then fades gradually. At hour 8, my cheeks has just a tint of pink. For this price, I'm happy with this performance.

Beside its rather short wearing, le Cendre de Rose Brune has strong rose scent like the rest of the blushes in the line.  Although it fades away as the day goes on, it annoys me. I generally don't like scented makeup and try to avoid it if possible.

Bourjois le Cendre de Rose Brune in action. Full makeup list is here

Bottom line. Lovely yet I'm not wowed. While classic rosy blushes are my go-tos for soft sophisticated looks, it does feel repetitive after possessing two blushes in the line. The strong rose scent pulls me away too. But for the price and how effortless this blush is, I still think it's worth a check-out. If you haven't own any Bourjois blush, le Cendre de Rose Brune is a good place to start. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've Been Tagged! I Tag!

Recently, the lovely (and nerdy :p) Lipstick Boulevards tagged me among a group of very lovely bloggers. I'm honored and flattered too. An honest compliment always lifts us up right? In the past few years of reading beauty blogs and blogging myself, I've met some really wonderful women. They're beautiful, kind, smart and of course, beauty addictive. This tag post is dedicated to them.

#1. Answer the 11 questions asked
#2. Give 11 questions to the people you tag
#3. Mention the blog that originally tag you 

Let's first start with Lipstick Boulevards's questions. Gee, she's a tough nerd! Some of her questions really pushed me think deeply. 

1. Which book has made the most profound impact on your life ?
Many books have given me the inspiration for my life. It's impossible to just name one. So I'm throwing out a list and hopefully you don't get bored :D
  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. A book about the way of virtue. One of my favorite quotes from the books is "Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." 
  • Martin Eden by Jack London. It taught me to stay true to myself. 
  • Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. The story speaks directly to my passion. Someday, I'll run my own business.    
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
My first thought is the US where I feel comfortable. The second thought brings me to Finland where education is free and equal. Then I thought about Mediterranean sea. Gorgeous weather, delicious food and friendly people. And the beauty heaven Japan. Final answer, I'd live in different parts of the world. 

3. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Oh boy, tough choice. I generally love movies from which I learn something. My most recent favorites are the Pursuit of Happyness staring Will Smith and Remember the Titan staring Denzel Washington (watched it like a million times). My favorite ultra romantic movie is Pride & Prejudice. Absolutely adore Keira Knightly and Matthew MacFadyen!! (die hard fans of the BBC original series, don't kill me :p). And finally, my most beloved action movies the Bourne triology. 

4. Name 3 makeup brushes you cannot live without 
MAC 217, Urban Decay Nake Foundation Brush, Studio Gear 13.  

5. What is your dream job?
Be my own boss. 

6. Who is your biggest makeup inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from everyone around me, my mom, my sister, my girlfriends, my co-workers, people I've met on the streets and the Lisa Eldridge. 

7. Name your favorite red lipstick of all time? 
I'm still looking for a red lipstick of my life time. Laura Mervier Cherrywood and Chanel Rouge Coco Byzantin have brought me tons of compliments. But I'm not blown away. So the search goes on. I have a feeling that it'll be a deep and blue-based red. 

8. If you could make one limited edition product permanent, which one would it be?
Tom Ford Narcissist Blush. Need I emphasize more how much I adore it? If discontinued items count, I'd be thrilled to have Dior Beige Massai back. The best eyeshadow palette ever! 

9. What is your signature scent ?
Bogetta Veneta. It feels chic and more importantly it feels French. It reminds me of the French goodies my dad used to bring home when I was a kid. Books, CDs, clothes, perfumes, lotions, creams, pictures, food, everything. 

10. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I'm still happy like now and have more self control on shopping habit :D  

11. What fulfills you ? 
Peace, inside. 

I TAG I'd love to tag the following lovely bloggers. 

Teri of BellaChique. She's stunning and very skilled at makeup. I can browse through her looks and swatches all day. Her blog also features honest reviews and beautiful tutorials. If you love red lipsticks, you can't miss her red lipstick posts. Teri is stunning! I just have to say that again. 

Indingo Kir Royal. One click into her blog and you will immediately fall into the world of Chanel, Burberry and Becca and many other luxurious brands. She has fabulous and accurate swatches and sharp reviews of the products. She must be one the most frequent shoppers ^_^ Then she takes time to test them and reports honestly about how they work. And yes, her blog sustains my craving like forever. I can't never stop loving makeup because I read Indingo Kir Royal. 

Gummy of Gummy's Vision. I go to her with all my skincare questions. And she seems to always have the answers for all sort of problems. Sometime ago I publicly admitted my girl crush with Gummy and her lovely blog. Her opinions are honest. And something about her spirit and personality is simply pleasant and soothing. Something feels like sisters. 

Helen of Lola's Secret Beauty Blog. I guess her blog is no longer a secret! LOL! She reviews really up-to-date products, quickly and accurately. The lady has tremendous taste! I visit her blog for informative and dynamic beauty chats, and to swoon over her makeup stash. Don't forget to check out her interview with Allure's Assistant Editor too. She did an excellent job!

Tracy of Beauty Reflections. I hope I'll have her skin when I'm at her age. Her makeup is phenomenal. Love every singly look Tracy does!! Tracy also writes sharp and honest reviews that can start my craving instantly. The most recent intriguing post was about Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. 

Liz of Beauty Reductionista. Ladies, Liz is one of those who have arrived!! After successfully limit herself on beauty purchase, she lifted the ban and induced smart strategy on makeup hauling. Her blog documents her journey to reduce the size of her makeup collection and of course lovely beauty goodies. Really inspirational, fun and cute. 

Larie of Eye Heart It. If you're a nerd and a beauty junkie, you'll love Larie's blog. I enjoy her great sense of humor and sharp opinions on everything from beauty to life. She creates beautiful looks ranging from natural nerdy to sexy to fun and adventurous. I smile every time I visit her blog. Beside learning the serious beauty stuff, I have fun. 

Becca of The Beauty Sample. My love Becca is well-known for her unbelievably honest and detailed reviews. And may I say she's a great commenter. She's lovely! She's friendly! So when you read her blog, you just want to jump in the conversation and ask every little details about the products knowing that she will never miss any of your questions. 

And here is what I'd love to hear from my lovely ladies. 

1. What is the first beauty product you bought?
2. Name your favorite shade of blush.
3. If you could only own one eyeshadow palette (no more than 5 shades), what would it be?
4. What is your favorite look for formal events?
5. Do you coordinate your makeup with your outfits and how? 
6. What did you wear to your first date?
7. Where would you go for the ultimate fun?
8. What is your go-to way of applying foundation, brushes, sponges or clean fingers?
9. Who inspire your love of beauty?
10. What is your beauty style?
11. If you could only play up one feature of your face from day to night, what would you choose?

Hope you enjoy the post and I can't wait to read other bloggers' questions and answers. xx

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Bourjois Blush 54 Rose Frison

Hello everyone!! Sorry for my sporadic posting this week. We're hosting a party for Lunar New Year this weekend. So you know, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.... Anyway, to break my month long Tom Ford overhaul, I'd love to share with you my recent rediscover of Bourjois. It used to sale at Sephora and Ulta before discontinued in the US. I got mine from First stop, their blushes. 
Bourjois bake blushes ($12 for 0.08 oz) are often regard as affordable dupes of the famous Chanel's. Both have similar formula and offer lovely shade selection. So rumor has it, I just had to check them out. I'm most curious about Bourjois' texture and performance on my cheeks which don't usually hold blush past 5 hours.

Rose Frison is pinker than Nars Organsm blush and I also find the shimmer is much more subtle. When applied on the cheek, the shimmer becomes a sheen rather than sparkle like Nars Orgasm. And I prefer this tone-down shimmer better. Also, Bourjois Rose Frison is pinker than Nars Orgasm and hence compliments my red-undertone cheeks better.
Bourjois Rose Frison has fine texture and easy to apply. It goes on opaque with 2 layers. I like to build it up in several micro-layers then blend out really well for the most natural pinching cheeks. It stays fresh for about 3 hours on my rather dry cheeks then fades gradually. At hour 8, my cheeks has just a tint of pink. For this price, I'm happy with this performance.

So far so good! But the scent. So strong. Although it fades away as the day goes on, it annoys me. I generally don't like scented makeup and try to avoid it if possible.
Freshly applied on my cheek
Bottom line. I'll wear Bourjois Rose Frison when I'm lazy. It belongs to the rosy/pinky/peach family, the type of colors that you can just throw on and tight the rest of the makeup together. It's not the blush I would chase down as so many other brands have similar colors. If the scent wasn't that strong, I'd wear it more often. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Round-up 2/1/2013

The first month of 2013 has just gone by! I can't believe that only 11 months left until another Chistmas and New Year Eve. Someone must have installed an accelerator for time on Earth. May be it's just my aging concern is speaking. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your 2013. Here is what the sisters of Beauty Blogazons bring us this week. 
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