Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup 03/30/2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Chanel Sculpting Veil Notorious

You well remember this notorious sucker, don't you? It was flying off the shelf everywhere last year. One search on Google, you'll see millions of photos on millions of beauty blogs. I feel like everybody owns it. And I bought into the hype. I rushed to Neiman Marcus to get it without even trying it on. Why? Because I thought I'd look seductive like this. Because Neiman ran out of tester. Because EVERYONE was talking about it. Because I began to succeed in a decent contouring, which I battled for years. I regret. 
Now this post won't be a complete rant on Chanel Sculpting Veil Notorious ($43 for 0.14 oz). Instead I'll tell you why I'm not impressed with everything about it.

Notorious is a sheer shimmery grey with a tiny hint of mauve. It's smaller than a regular Chanel round blush (0.21 oz) and was priced the same. Not a good sign! On my cheeks, it's more wearable than in the pan. I found it look more flattering in the photos as the camera generally takes away 20% color intensity. So it's kind of believable that I have defined cheeks. It does give me that runway high-fashion fierce cheeks. If I just stopped here then I like it. However, this grey color however doesn't complement my skin tone in real life. It's just off and unnatural looking. My hubby was asking me why my cheeks looked grey. Oops!!!! I did blend it out and used a very light hand.
Then I tried Notorious as an eyeshadow. Grey is one of my favorite eyeshadow colors so I expected to love it. Nah. Not at all. Notorious is so sheer and doesn't hold off until I finish applying my makeup. The texture is dry and a little hard that requires 3-4 layers for the color to show up on my primed lids. I can deal with the low pigmentation but I dislike the texture. *Sign*

If you have cooler and lighter skin tone than mine, Notorious will probably flatter you better. It doesn't have enough depth to show up without looking hollow on me. Until today I haven't figured out how to coordinate it with the rest of my makeup. I think it suits editorial makeups better than everyday.

Swatched under direct sunlight
From all the reviews I've read so far, people either love Notorious or hate it. This shade is definitely more tricky to pull off than friendly bronzer or brown-based contour powder. I agree with Lily of ChloeAsh that Chanel Notorious isn't easy for someone how's new to contouring. 

Bottom line. Not for me. The quality isn't as good as regular Chanel blushes. And it's more expensive.

Did you get Chanel Notorious? If you passed it or missed it, what did you think? I know some of you really love it. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

There're products that come and go out of your life. And there're that just stay as long as you can find them on the market. Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser ($40 for 6.7 oz and also available in different sizes), together with Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic Spritzer, has changed the life of my skin and how my makeup performs. In 2012, it was voted as the most revolutionary beauty product in the past 20 years by CEW (UK). The widely popular cleanser also receives numerous prestigious awards from the beauty industry insiders. It does work magic on my skin.  
The most important benefit I seek for in a daily cleanser is to gently and thoroughly remove dirt, built-up grease and makeup left-over traces to keep it clean and prevent future heavy build-up. I got it all with Liz Earle plus it polishes my skin, and gives it a healthy glow canvas for the next products to glide on. 

Liz Earle Cleanser comes with a cotton cloth but I've found my regular facial towel is also gentle enough to massage the cleanser against the skin. Note that it won't feather up like other cleansers. So it doesn't work well with skin care gadgets like Clarisonic. Here's how I use the cleanser.

#1. Apply it on the dry skin then take time to massage it into the skin. It won't produce any feathery bubble like regular cleanser. It feels more like a moisturizer instead. 
#2. After the cleanser sets in just a little bit, I soak the cotton cloth or towel with hot water and gently rub it upward from my neck to the forehead. 
#3. Squeeze out the water, repeat step 2 about twice more. 
#4. Splash cold water on my face and slap it all over. Yes, you hear me right. I like to slap my face daily to increase the blood flow under the skin. It like giving my face a little massage. 
#5. Let my face cool down and spay Liz Earle Instant Boost Toner Spritzer from my chest up and a bit on the back of the neck. And finish the rest of my skin care ritual. 
My skin has become much smoother, more even and brighter. The darkspots and acne scars is blurring away. Yay!!! I still have pigmentation around my nose and sun spots to fight. But the texture of skin is soft and silky. My hubby was at awe the other day. No kidding! My skin feels like a baby's. And he's one of those who won't notice if I have a bob hair cut or a pony tail. 

Of course, the cleanser by itself doesn't turn around my skin problems. But I do see the difference just after one week adding it to my routine. 
How to and the ingredients. Sounds good right?
Bottom line. As magical as recognized. A must-have for me and highly recommended to all skin types! Guys, you need this cleanser in your life.

Have you tried anything from Liz Earle? What cleanser are you using? 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick 05 Natural

After disliking the liquid formula, I didn't expect to fall in love with Tom Ford Traceless Stick. The liquid version oxidizes on my skin quite badly and doesn't provide the coverage I want with a thin layer. When built up for full coverage with 3 layers, it looks heavy and unflattering. It also has strong chemical scent. I tested Traceless Stick during each visit to the counter. Each time I left with a rising appreciation of the absence of oxidation, second-skin texture, perfect color match and no chemical scent. The issue for me is just how well it wears on my skin. After using it non-stop for the past month, I now can declare it one of my staples, permanently
Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation ($78 for 0.5oz/15g) is housed in a Tom Ford's signature elegant, sleek and chic glossy brown tube with golden rim and TF logo. It's exquisite! I love the packaging and I don't even tend to pay attention to it! The tube is shorter than my palm with the cap close tight. It was tossed around in my purse and the cap didn't come off. It'll also be handy for traveling.

I apply Traceless Stick directly from the tube in strokes. Three small strokes on the forehead, one long swipe on the nose, three large strokes on each cheeks, one short stripe on the chin and one gentle dab on the upper chin. Then I blend the foundation gently with a dense synthetic brush like Urban Decay Naked Foundation Brush or Real Technique Expert Face brush. The result is flawless and natural like second-skin.
Tom Ford Traceless Stick comes in twelve shades that are all yellow-based. They have the mixture of both pink and yellow, and integrate cool, neutral and warm in the color. So there is no real yellow or pink shade in the range. My perfect shade match is number 5 Natural which is actually more neutral and a bit lighter than number 4 Bisque. I can't find anything to criticize the match :D.

The spot-on shade match is also maintained throughout the day on my skin thanks to the infinitesimal oxidation of Traceless Stick. In this regard, it beats my other favorites Burberry Sheer Luminous and Clarins Ever Matte. The other two, albeit excellent, oxidizes more noticeably on my skin after 5 hours of wearing. It's a record time on my skin but Tom Ford Traceless Stick is better. Totally in love!
I don't experience any break out but some do. The ingredients look innocent so I'm not sure what might cause the problem. 
The ingredients
Tom Ford Tracessless Stick provides sheer to medium coverage and can be built up to full. The highly consistent creamy formula allows it to cover minor blemishes, vein, acne scars, dark spots and the likes on my skin in just one thin layer. It's opaque in the way that mimics your skin texture rather than creating it. The result is truly traceless as it claims. As you can see from the swatch below, before blending both Burberry Sheer Luminous and Clarins Ever Matte look smoother than Tom Ford Traceless Stick. However, when blent out Tom Ford Traceless Stick becomes seamless with the skin. It's hard to distinguish where the foundation begins or ends. That's what I expected from Giorgio Armani Maestro and Estee Lauer Invisible Fluid, both of which promise invisible natural skin-like texture that I found too sheer to cover minor blemishes. Some double Traceless Stick as a concealer (yes, the consistency is that good) for both blemishes and the under eye areas. But I find it a bit too thick for my under eyes. I rather use my YSL Touche Eclat instead. 

Tom Ford Traceless Stick dries in semi-matte finish (or semi-dewy, what's the difference anyway?). In the swatches below, the finish lies between matte of Clarins Ever Matte and luminous of Burberry Sheer Luminous. Although the texture of Traceless Stick is creamier than that of Clarins Ever Matte, the finish can be a bit dry if my skin is not thoroughly moisturized under dry weather. For this reason, I think Traceless Stick functions best during the more humid months. But this isn't a major drawback or nuisance. You just need to remember to exfoliate  your skin regularly and prep it well with moisturizer before applying the foundation. 
 Before blending

After blending
Tom Ford Traceless Stick stays fresh on my skin for 8 hours without a primer or setting powder, or up to 12 hours with a standard primer. It doesn't cake up or greasy up during the wear. I love to use it alone without priming or setting.

For all those wonderful benefits of Traceless Stick, how much extra must I pay? Compared to other two popular foundation sticks by Bobbi Brown ($42 for 0.31 oz/9 g) and Shu Uemura ($44 for 11g), Tom Ford's is more expensive ($78 for 0.5 oz) for more quantity of course. In order to get the same amount as Tom Ford's, Bobbi Brown would charge $67 and Shu Uemura would take $60 from your wallet. Pricey Ford! Yet I'm so blown away and happy with the quality and the quantity I have from Tom Ford that I'm no longer tempted to try Shu.

Will I purchase it again? Oh yes, if I ever finish it :D

Bottom line. Exceptional. Impeccable. Tom Ford Traceless Stick delivers the opacity in one thin layer, generating a skin-like finish that lasts all day with an unnoticeable oxidation. A must-have and added to my all time favorites list.

Have you tried Tom Ford foundations? How do you like them? Yay or nay?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Blush 04 Savage

A warm brown with red and pink undertone is the usual "safe" color of choice for my blushes. Not that I'm scared of brown (it can always work as contour powder or bronzer in certain ways), but I didn't find it particularly flattering on me. After several years trying on more dramatic blushes, I thought I settled for the ordinary peach/pink/rosy/neutral blush. Tom Ford blush in Savage, together with Ravish, has revolutionized the way I wear blushes and enjoy them. It ain't just another brown. 
Tom Ford Cheek Color Savage ($55 for 0.28 oz) is a rich warm brown with hint of cool pink that is opulent and sensual. Very sensual. Everything about this blush goddess is done right. The sophisticated brown, the ultra fine shimmer, the velvety texture and the pigmentation dance accordantly to create a blush of superb quality and versatility. You sure can use it as a bronzer, especially if you're medium to deep skin. On top of that, it stays in place until being removed 8 hours later.

Savage is highly pigmented yet the sheerest of the bunch I own. It has the same shimmer level as Narcissist, very subtle and well blent with the pigment. The shimmer is fused exquisitely with the pigment and seems inseparable when applied on my cheeks. In the pan, Savage looks rather deep and intense but it's lovely and very natural on the skin. It produces a stunning sheen (like all other Tom Ford blushes). So anti-shimmer wearers, don't worry about overly sparkly cheeks or cheesy shiny cheekbones! Savage warms up my skin and gives it kick of healthy glow. I love wearing it higher on my cheekbones. When I turn my heads under different lighting, my cheeks look lively and sun-kissed *self-promotion*.

Isn't Savage gorgeous?
Like the rest of Tom Ford powder products, particularly his blushes, Savage has velvety texture that feels so silky smooth without being powdery. The blush blends seamlessly and effortlessly into my skin, producing a second-skin layer. Some bloggers have reported not-so-smooth texture of Tom Ford blushes on the skin. I, however, have been beyond happy with all the blushes. I checked them in magnified mirror and didn't see them emphasize pores, lines or my skin texture. I'm not sure it's because my skin has improved dramatically or my magnifying mirror doesn't zoom in enough. May be my standard for smoothness is simply not as high :D 

Tom Ford Savage against Flush and Love Lust. You think it's like a bronzer? 
At first, I was certain of a dupe of my collection. Naive belief! It turns out all of my bronzers are either lighter, peachier or yellower than Tom Ford Savage. 

Here are comparison with some of bronzers in my stash

Tom Ford Savage has more red than the rest of my bronzers. It's also the deepest shade. 

Tom Ford Savage in action (makeup worn)
Tom Ford blushes come with a velvet pouch and large mirror. I love the case design but will prefer a more sturdy/luxe material. And usually with a price like this, I expect a nice quality brush like Burberry's. It doesn't mean that I'll use it. It's more for the convenience on the go.

Finally, I want to discuss the price point. You pay $55 for 0.28 oz of product or about $196/oz. This is double the amount of a standard blush. How does it compare to other high-end blushes?

In terms of price per quantity:

Burrberry: $42 for 0.24 oz ($175/oz).
Chanel: $43 for 0.21 oz ($205/oz).
Guerlain Duo: $50 for 0.21 oz ($238/oz).
Dior: $42 for 0.26 oz ($161/oz).
Le Mertier de Beaute: $30 for 0.13 oz ($230/oz).

Tom Ford blushes are priced in the higher range among the designer brands yet not the most expensive. Some may argue that Tom Ford Beauty enters the market recently while the others have been there for decades. It might not be reasonable to price the products at that range. I've tried all of the above except for Le Mertier de Beaute and the quality of Tom Ford blushes, Savage included, is extremely competitive to the other brands.

Bottom line. Another must-have blush for me.

Do you double your brown blushes as bronzers and use your bronzer as blushes? Have you tried Tom Ford Savage? Thoughts? 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup 3/17/2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's been ages since my last Lately post. Basically, the series help me to stay on track with both my blog and now my non-blog life. It's also a way to share with you my inspiration in life, small or big.

So lately,

Our unused mileages from several airlines got turned into a full year of magazine subscription. I think we have a dozen. Ambitious I know. Not sure what made me think I could handle that much offline reading as I glue my eyes on the computers infinitely. I can't. Still love to do that though, whatever the hubs says.

I've been adjusting my skin care routine in the past few months successfully. My skin texture has been way smoother and more even. Acne scars, dull looking skin, dry patches and pigmentation are reduced. My skin is the best since the beginning of my adulthood. I can't wait to share my thoughts on some of the products and how I use them :)

The Blake Shelton concert at Livestock Show and Rodeo Houston. Love this dude on The Voice. Listening to him live is a dream come true.

I am still a control freak.

How are you doing? High-fives if you're also a captain control freak in the household!! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Look: Special Occasion FOTD - Silvery Taupe Eyes Nude Pink

Back in January, I was brainstorming a look for an evening special event. After twitting about my ideas, my blogger friends voted for 3 looks a) copper eye and bright pink lips; b) bronze eyes and dark lips; and c) silvery taupe eyes and nude pink lips. 

Guess which look I sported for the event? I picked this one! I though it contrasted my teal dress subtly and still added a bit of drama to the look :D. And to be honest, I simply love everything about this look and decided to go with my instinct.The high shimmery silvery taupe against nude pink lips. I love my glowy cheeks (thank you thank you Edward Bess!) that seamlessly changes from a highlighter to blush. Love Tom Ford blush in Savage for this look! It ties all color and texture together. 

Since the eyes are rather intense, I kept the skin very natural. On that day I used Burberry Sheer Luminous Trench 6 (review of Trench 5 is here). I replaced it with Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation Natural for this post while testing the sucker. It's phenomenal for my skin!! Reviews of Tom Ford items used in this post are on their way. I finished the write-up yet don't want to overwhelm you guys with my opinionated rambles ;;)

As usual, please scroll down for full makeup breakdown. 

I look funny but this picture shows the makeup the best

Look breakdown

Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation 05 Natural (reviewed on the way)
YSL Touche Eclat 08
Laura Mercier Setting Powder
Laure Mercier Secret Camouflage SC-3
Tom Ford Cheek Color Savage (reviewed on the way)

Dior 5-color eyeshadow Beige Massai (deep brown, ivory, peach)
Bobbi Brown Long-wearing Gel Liner Espresso
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara

Tom Ford Lip Gloss Rose Crush (reviewed soon)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

As I learn more about my skin and the suitable foundations, I desperately want a products that I can reduce the oxidation nightmare and retain the moisture of my skin. But I'm picky. I don't want a silicon-based primer simply for the touch of the material on my face. It's just my personality. When I found out about the ingredients and the concept of Tom Ford Illuminating Primer, I knew I must try it. It's been a smart investment for both my skin and my foundations. But will I purchase it again?
Tom Ford Illuminating Primer (the updated version doesn't include SPF) ($70 for 1 oz) is designed as a hybrid between a skincare and makeup via Tom Ford Infusing Complex. What is this complex? Words from the company "The Tom Ford Infusing Complex infuses skin with a potent combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms. By helping skin cells replenish their natural energy, it fundamentally rejuvenates the complexion, so it looks and feels brighter, fresher and less tired. High-performing antioxidants help protect the skin, creating a vital-looking face. The skin is left looking renewed, resilient and smoother."

As the primer, it's supposed to provide a flawless canvas for smooth application and long-lasting color. The brand recommends us to use it in a small amount all over the face after your regular skincare routine and before foundation.

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer comes in an elegant and light weight pearl white bottle and Tom Ford's signature glossy brown cap. There's no real cap though. The mechanic pump emerges as you twist the bottle. When you twist the bottle a bit more, the pump is locked To retract the pump, simply twist the bottle in opposite direction. The security lock ensures that the pump is in place both ways. I think it's such a brilliant and chic design!! You don't have to mess with falling out caps and accidental primer spill.

Sleek design of the primer. Mechanic pump intact 

To release the pump, twist the bottle. You can lock it by twisting a bit more. Same step to retract the pump into the bottle, twist more to secure it. 

The pump 

The ingredients sound awesome to me! Now we just have to see it in action, right?

Thumbs-up for mineral-oil-free, silicon-free, preservatives-free and natural extracts
Tom Ford Illuminating Primer contains ultra fine micro shimmer that results in a healthy glow if used alone. I have tried it in several ways. 

#1. In place of a moisturizer after a hydrating toner. The purpose is to seal the moisture of the skin. Don't. Do. This. hehehe. Unless your skin is rather dull, dry and need extra boost of shine. I massage skincare products on my face to facilitate the absorption and do the same for this primer. Well, my face looks really oily. It doesn't make the foundations last longer nor shorter, rather it lightens my foundations and absorb them into my skin. It doesn't feel comfy on the skin either. 

#2. As an illuminator, underneath foundation. It works wonderfully! After moisturizing my skin routinely, I press Illuminating Primer on my cheekbones, under the brown bones, cupid bow, and chin and blend lightly. I apply foundations on top of the primer as usual. The foundations transform into more dewy finish and also get brightened. The results is subdued glow in the areas highlighted. It's great for very natural healthy looking skin. But it won't be as noticeable as Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

#3. Upon the company's suggestion, I apply a small amount all over the face. This by far the best method for my skin. Although I don't find my skin gets particularly smoother, the primer does create a subtle glow for my complexion. As you can see from the swatch below, my matte foundation Clarins Ever Matte looks dewy post-primer.  

#4. Mix the primer with the foundation. It also increases the glow for the foundations beautifully this way. The excellent consistency of the primer makes it blend seamlessly with the foundations. I love Tom Ford Illuminating Primer best for this method among other like Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. The others contains high shine shimmer, albeit very finely milled, they're too shiny when mixed with foundations. But be careful not to mix too much, or else the primer can lighten  your foundation considerably. 

My attempt to draw my initial with the primer fluid! You have complete control of the flow and the amount of primer through the small pump. 

The primer produces such a stunning glow. Applied excessively for swatches. Doesn't emphasize pore, fine lines or imperfection

The matte foundation turns to a subtly dewy finish with the primer

Same swatch. Cool lighting

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer helps to reduce foundation from oxidation to the level less than a silicon-based primer. The key to minimize oxidation on my skin is an oil-free formula of the foundation itself and well-moisturized skin. The primer acts as a barrier between my skin oil and the foundation. The foundations that aren't oil-free still turns muddy only a bit more slowly compared to sans primer. 

Now come the price point. It's overpriced. Period. The primer functions more efficiently as an illuminator than creating a smooth canvas and prolonging the wear of foundation on my skin. The packaging is so clever, convenient, compact and secure. It's perfect for on the go and looks elegantly on the vanity counter. When applied properly, Illuminating Primer can give a stunning understated glow of a healthy complexion. It's a excellent fancy extravagance for my skin. It isn't a must-have. 

Back to the question: Will I re-purchase Tom Ford Illuminating Primer? No. I have many highlighter that can give me the glow I want. And for a smoother skin, nothing beats good exfoliators and healthy lifestyle. 

Bottom line. Love! A nice-to-have illuminator for subdued natural glow. I'm using it everyday. It's a luxurious and chic product for your makeup wardrobe. If you have dry, normal or combination skin, you might love it for all over your face. Ladies whose skin is oily might want to use it to highlight certain areas only.

Have you tried Tom Ford Illuminating Primer? I would love to hear how it works for you. What other primers would you recommend?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup 03/10/2013

Another week of March has just ended! In the panicking spirit of the month, I have set up a plan for blogging. Gee, why didn't I think of it at first? Well, I always planed something in my life. But at the same time, I want to keep my blog as an absolute fun outlet for my passion. Now it's time for me to keep a plan for my blog too.

This week, the sisters of Beauty Blogazons present some really cool ideas. I can't wait to read Makeup Demon's Business makeup interpretation, Beyond Beauty Lounge DIY Gentle Eyemakeup Remover, Rachel's makeup and Skincare's reviews of Nars face products, and Beauty with a Twist's cat eye.

Hope you enjoy! xx

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Look: Soft Coral for Spring

The weather in Houston has been brag-worthy. I can't believe I'm saying that :D. Every spring I'm so looking forward to rock coral/orange lips. It's different from the universal flirty pinks and brings lively and happy vibes to my outfit. To balance this feminine theme, I usually wear strips, leopard prints or jeans. Hope you're enjoying your weekend no matter how the weather is at your place. 

P/S: I didn't forget about my Special Ideas FOTD post. The first two looks are coppery eye and bright pink lips and bronze eyes and vampy lips . The third look, silvery taupe and nude pink lips is on its way. Promise. xo 
Makeup Worn

Burberry Luminous Sheer Foundation Trench 6 (review of Trench 5)
YSL Touche Eclat No 8
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Afterglow

Nars Pro-prime eye primer
Tom Ford Eyecolor quad in Golden Mink (all but the yellow glitter)
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Espresso
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Stretch Mascara


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Blush 03 Flush

Bold cheek colors often make me nervous, much less bold and shimmery. The combo sounds awfully challenging for someone who love natural and from-within blushing cheeks like me. There was time that I completely stayed away from them due to repeated failure to make them look more natural and more importantly, flattering on me. When toned down, many of those bright color blushes loose their character or transform into a shimmer mess. Tom Ford has definitely turned me around for bold and shimmer cheek colors. Well, because his colors and shimmer are nothing but ordinary. 
Tom Ford Cheek Color 03 Flush ($55 for 0.28 oz) is a vibrant peachy coral with coral shimmer. Don't be afraid of the shimmer. It's ultra fine and sticks tightly to the pigment. Flush produces a glowy coral rather than sparkly cheeks. It's one of those colors that instantly brighten up my skintone. I have light medium yellow undertone and the vibrant coral adds fresh lively touch to my cheeks. No blushes in my stash comes close to the undertone of Flush.
Like the rest of Tom Ford powder products, particularly his blushes, it has velvety texture that feels so silky smooth. But it's not over powdery. The blush blends seamlessly and effortlessly into my skin, producing a second-skin layer. Some bloggers have reported not-so-smooth texture of Tom Ford blushes on the skin. I, however, have been beyond happy with all the blushes. I checked them in magnified mirror and didn't see them emphasize pores, lines or my skin texture. I'm not sure it's because my skin has improved dramatically or my magnifying mirror doesn't zoom in enough. May be my standard for smoothness is simply not as high :D

Tom Ford blushes stay fresh for 8 hours on my cheeks!! Several brands do great blushes but they don't last as long on me. 

Below is a swatch of Flush against Love Lust. As you can see, it's true coral and not as shimmery as Love Lust. It's highly pigmented, although not as densely packed as Narcissist. I need to use a dense blush brush to pick up the both the pigment and the shimmer, otherwise only the shimmer could transfer onto my cheeks. My favorite brush to use with Tom Ford blushes is Studio Gear #13. I dab it on the pan, lightly tap off the excess, dab it on cheeks then blend gently and soften the edges. Tom Ford blushes are highly blendable. You won't see where the blush starts and ends on you cheeks if you handle Flush lightly.

A soft, everyday look I've been wearing non-stop lately. 
Tom Ford blushes come with a velvet pouch and large mirror. I love the case design but will prefer a more sturdy/luxe material. And usually with a price like this, I expect a nice quality brush like Burberry's. It doesn't mean that I'll use it. It's more for the convenience on the go.

Finally, I want to discuss the price point. You pay $55 for 0.28 oz of product or about $196/oz. This is double the amount of a standard blush. How does it compare to other high-end blushes?

In terms of price per quantity:

Burrberry: $42 for 0.24 oz ($175/oz).
Chanel: $43 for 0.21 oz ($205/oz).
Guerlain Duo: $50 for 0.21 oz ($238/oz).
Dior: $42 for 0.26 oz ($161/oz).
Le Mertier de Beaute: $30 for 0.13 oz ($230/oz).

Tom Ford blushes are priced in the higher range among the designer brands yet not the most expensive. Some may argue that Tom Ford Beauty enters the market recently while the others have been there for decades. It might not be reasonable to price the products at that range. I've tried all of the above except for Le Mertier de Beaute and the quality of Tom Ford blushes, Flush included, is extremely competitive to the other brands. Just throw out my two cents!

Bottom line. Another phenomenal blush by Tom Ford!! I highly recommend it even if you're color-shy and don't wear shimmer everyday. It's that good! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Beauty Revolution: Peace with Pinks

Asian girls are defaulted to be obsessed with pinks and Hello Kitty. I used to be not able to stand both, big time and in a serious way. No joke. In the past, I hated pinks, especially what so called Hello Kitty pink, ugh. No offense or objection to any Asian/non-Asian girls who love Hello Kitty. Call me a weirdo if you wish. Until now I still dislike the cat and the pink that has become associated with her. At my last university, we even have a hybrid Hello Kitty version of our MALE mascot, in pink with that hair bow. Gosh, that's the ultimatum. Ok ok back to the post.

For some odd reason though, I ended up with buying quite a few pinks, lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes particularly, and even pink eyeshadows. While I was disrespecting them for a long time, I grew to appreciate how brightened my skin looked with them.

Handling pink eyeshadows is way too tricky on my shallow-socketed eyes. I stick with pearly pink or golden pink with a touch of peach and brown here and there. Soft pink eye looks haven't established a permanent place in my look book.  The only exception is Edward Bess Berry Chic (a look here) that features general soft pink and berry color theme.

Edward Bess Berry Chic Palette

Dior Rose Diamond and Edward Bess Berry Chic Palette
Dior Rosy Nude and its sister Rosy Tan also have the warm soft pink that don't show up as opaque pinks on my skin tone. See, I must play safe on the eyes! 
Pink blushes, bright vibrant blue-based pinks in particular, on the other hand are now must-haves in my routine. All started with the discover of Lancome Pink Preview Lipsticks. It's cool and pale and washes out my lips yet it's an excellent blush color. Edward Bess Soft Orchid is a more neutral version of Lancome Pink Preview, subtly mimicking my natural blushing. There are also Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Love Affair, Bourjois le Cendre de Rose Brune, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface and one of the more recent procurement Chanel Joues Contrast Rose Innitiale.

     First column: Bourjois le Cendre de Rose Brune, Edward Bess Love Affair, Smashbox Radiant, Tom Ford Narcissist
      Second column: Tarte Dollface, Chanel Rose Initiale, Edward Bess Soft Orchid, 
Lancome Pink Preview
Middle: Make Up For Ever HD blush #6
But not until I swept Smashbox Radiant on my cheeks, the whole new horizon of brightening makeup laid out in front of me. At that moment, I realized my face had some blue, red, pink beside my main skin tone of yellow.  And I look good in those bright pinks. I feel lively, energized, confident. I'm myself when I wear bright pinks. I love to wear them played down. They ARE my natural blushing color. My all time favorite blush is the Tom Ford Narcissist.

Top to bottom: YSL Rouge Couture Fuchsia, Chanel Glossimier Pink Teaser, Nars Easy Lover 
Now pink lipsticks are of more my natural choices and I embrace bright pink lip colors much earlier than blushes. My lips are red-tinted and pinks complement them well. However, cool pinks like Lancome Pink Preview ain't for me. I look dead. To play safe I need brown-based or at least warm-based pinks for everyday. When I need instant boost of color, however, nothing beats a pair of sexy bright pink lips!! YSL Fuschia lipstick for the ultimate drama. Then Chanel Glossimier Pink Teaser and Nars Easy Lover for flirty and glamorous lips.

YSL Rouge Couture Fuchsia 

Do you love pinks? What is the color you've learned to love with your beauty journey?
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