Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's been ages since my last Lately post. Basically, the series help me to stay on track with both my blog and now my non-blog life. It's also a way to share with you my inspiration in life, small or big.

So lately,

Our unused mileages from several airlines got turned into a full year of magazine subscription. I think we have a dozen. Ambitious I know. Not sure what made me think I could handle that much offline reading as I glue my eyes on the computers infinitely. I can't. Still love to do that though, whatever the hubs says.

I've been adjusting my skin care routine in the past few months successfully. My skin texture has been way smoother and more even. Acne scars, dull looking skin, dry patches and pigmentation are reduced. My skin is the best since the beginning of my adulthood. I can't wait to share my thoughts on some of the products and how I use them :)

The Blake Shelton concert at Livestock Show and Rodeo Houston. Love this dude on The Voice. Listening to him live is a dream come true.

I am still a control freak.

How are you doing? High-fives if you're also a captain control freak in the household!! 


  1. This is fun to read! I think it's my first time reading a post like this, love it! ^^ That big pile of skin care is such a happy sight, I'm glad for you that they really work!

    1. Glad you like it!!!!! I try to mix things up a bit for fun. Skin care has been a big part of my beauty budget this year. I finally find the products that work. So excited. Feel like I start to have some clue of how the ingredients work on my skin. hehehe. skincare newbie indeed.

  2. I love Blake on The Voice, too, and his music is fun. I wouldn't mind seeing him live in concert! How fun!

    1. Hey there, ooh I like Blake's music and sang along half of the show! He seems to be a friendly and easy-going dude on the Voice. He actually cares about his team and coach them based on their strength not his (cough Xtina!). And he's conveniently manly handsome too LOL!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks sweetie!! Glad you like it x


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