Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 - Escapade and Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes ($40 for 0.21 oz) in Escapade and Pink Haze are my first real-deal cream eyeshadows. Not that I don't like the cream formula, I often find cream eyeshadow a bit hard to handle, particularly with blending. Escapade and Pink Haze blown me away with how blendable and layerable they are. Plus the colors are supreme.

Escapade and Pink Haze has a hybrid texture of cream and whipped mouse texture. They are incredibly smooth and blend seamlessly into the skin. It weightless and doesn't dry out though out the entire day or look greasy. Phenomenal!

Both stay fresh for over 10 hours over a standard primer. While Pink Haze gives me the same powerful wearing with and without a primer, Escapade creases on my eye lids after 4 hours without a primer. I haven't seen any reviews that report this issue. There's also no creasing if I layer a powder eyeshadow on top of Escapade. This could mean I need to test it a little longer. Priming my eyelids is part of my daily makeup routine but I thought I point this out. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creasing guys.
Escapade is a golden/yellow peach with multicolor shimmer. Pink Haze crosses between brown pink and burgundy pink with silvery/multicolor shimmer. Escapade is a touch less pigmented than Pink Haze. Both are sheerer than in the pot but can be layered for maximum opacity. Escapade and Pink Haze look dazzling alone with just the eyeliner and mascara if you opt for more simple and clean look. I love to wear them together then define my outer V with one of Tom Ford's brown eyeshadows in Cognac Sable or Golden Mink, or Dior Beige Massai. They also work well as base color to add warmth and sophisticated sheen to the lids underneath my powder eyeshadows like Dior Rosy Nude, Dior Rosy Tan, Dior Sunset Cafe, Burberry Midnight Brown, Burberry Pale Barley, Rimmel Spicy Bronze, Edward Bess Back to Basics and the list goes on. Escapade and Pink Haze have become an important part of my eyeshadow collection.
I've emphasized this in all my Tom Ford posts and am doing it again: don't be shied away by the shimmer. It's opulent, edgy and sexy in the ultimately delicate fashion. The word shimmer/glitter itself seems to often be associated with teenagers, proms, and bling. Tom Ford has created and elevated the shimmer/glitter to a whole different class and made it wearable to suit the most elegant, simple and chic taste. Of course it's my personal view but if you try Tom Ford's beauty line in person, you'll know. 

I don't have similar cream eyeshadows to compare with Tom Ford Pink Haze nor Escapade. I highly recommend you guys check out Makeup Magpie's marvelous review and the lovely eye look she did with both. Below are some peach and beige shades for you gauge how Tom Ford's sit in the color range. 

Comparison swatches. Tom Ford Escapade has the most peach. Tom Ford Cognac Sable (peach shade) has much more golden bronze. Dior Rosy Nude (peach shade) is considerably pinker. Burberry Pale Barley is much more beige (although contains golden shimmer). 

Swatched next to the window to show the color bases. 
 Swatched under direct sunlight to show shimmer
The high price point of Tom Ford is always up for debate. A single eyeshadow for $40 isn't wallet-friendly for everyone. But you'll get a great amount for what you pay, 0.21 oz or $190.5 per ounce. Chanel Illusion d'Ombre provides 0.14 oz at $36 or $257 per ounce. Bobbi Brown, another Estee Lauder's beauty brands, offers 0.12 oz at $24 or $200 per ounce. Basically, we Tom Ford's fans need to get over the first shot to own the eyeshadows, then they'll last for a long time. The question is whether you like the color and quality enough to give it a try. I do and both Escapade and Pink Haze are must-haves for me. They're worth every penny!

Bottom line. The biggest hits of the collections, and of this summer. I must own both Escapade and Pink Haze. Get them before they're gone guys!

Have you checked out Tom Ford beauty summer collection? What are your picks? Which items you're most excited about?


  1. I can't get over how gorgeous these look. I'm totally in love with the shade of Escapade. Pink Haze reminds me of the FLOWER Beauty cream shadow I have in geranium something... it's a similar shade and also has that whipped texture

  2. Wow, Pink Haze looks actually not that pink on you, in a very good way! All these great reviews make me want them even more >.<. The finish is just so stunning!


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