Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sushi and Current favorite look - Soft mauve

I went out with my girlfriends last week. We did a mini-shopping trip after squeezing in delicious sushi brunch. Since the highlight was ... the mouth-watering sushi, I avoided full-face makeup. I opted for a simple yet sophisticated look.  The star item of this look is Dior Stylish Move.
The key is to create a gradient of silvery mauve at the lashline to pearly white at the brow bones. I smudged Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner pencil on my upper lashline. I used Dior Stylish Move #1 as a base all over my lids up to the brow bones. Then I applied #2 on my upper lids up to the creases. I pressed the silvery mauve #3 on my lids from upper lashlines. The final touch is mascara then you're done with the eye makeup.
I kept my blush and lipstick simple using all Laura Mercier. Orange blossom gave me just a hint of satin peach and Tea Rose balance the whole look. This is very much a go-to look when I want to avoid messing around with many shadows and brushes. LOVE IT!
p/s: Part of the brunch!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Paul and Joe Beaute – Final thoughts

The most recognized feature of the line is arguably the exquisite design on the products themselves and the case. The limited edition items, aka the Collection Sparkles, match with runway fashion of that season (here). The cardboard case of these limited edition items is definitely more “going green” than plastic and a mirror. It might look fragile but the cardboard lids remain closed the whole time in my purse. It also reduce weight, a plus for traveling. I have to admit I will need to treat my P&J treasures carefully as I do makeup in the bathroom. So no water in the vicinity of my vanity! P&J permanent line is plastically cased and will mirrors as well as applicators though.

All P&J colors that I’ve known of are on the sheerer arena and buildable. They suit natural beauty better but they can surely handle more dramatic looks. Deeper shades still require some layering for opaqueness, which might or might not be up your alley. I think P&J colors generally work best for lighter skintone. I would pay more attention to deeper shades (Cruising lipstick C anyone?) for I’m medium-skintoned (MAC NC 35). What I value more is the interesting, sometimes unexpected color combination rather than the uniqueness of individual shades.

The products I’ve tried are smooth and soft. They’re comfortable to wear and fragrance-free. The shimmers are delicate.

P&J got both beautiful design and quality with better at packaging than quality, in my opinion. Regarding the style, I feel their products are a tad too girly or maybe a better word is too sweet. I have natural inclination toward chic and classic products that tend to be less girly and more lady-like. Although nothing has wowed me so far, P&J is generally a good brand, quality- and packaging-wise. I highly recommend you check it out.

How do you like P&J? Anything I should definitely try? For reviews on the products I've tried, please click on Paul and Joe Beaute label in this post or at the side bar. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Face Color 07 Love

It seems I can't get tired of bright pink blushes since Guerlain Rouge G Blush. It's inspired me to come back to Smashbox Radiant and now Love. Paul and Joe Beaute 07 Love ($24 for 0.15 oz) has a peach and a bright hot pink with golden shimmer. When swirled together, it reminds me of Nars Orgasms but the golden shimmer is finer and more subtle. You can use them individually or mix them for more wearable effect. I like them mixed better for Love becomes more unique in my opinion. It's soft, smooth and stays put for around 4 hours. I think Love looks good all on skin tone, cool or warm, light or medium or dark. I highly recommend it.

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Face Color 12 Chic

Chic ($24 for 0.15 oz) can easily be an everyday blush slash highlighter thanks to its neutral undertone. It contains a light peachy beige and pink peach with satin finish. I don't wear shimmery blush daily so Chic is perfect. The texture glides on smoothly. It stays put for 3-5 hours depending on whether you run errands or not, which I think it's good. You can wear them as highlighter and blush or swirl them together. When mixed, it warms up my cheeks slightly, giving me a very natural flush. I love to wear Chic with cool smokey eyes and beige lip. It saves me from looking washed out but doesn't compete with my eyemakeup. Chic is housed in a cute case. I think Chic looks best on light to medium skintone, but can also be a great highlighter on tan beauties.

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Lip Lacquer in Riviera 05

Paul and Joe 05 Riviera ($20 for 0.42 oz) is a very sheer peachy pink lip lacquer. I swatched it heavily for the pictures but when blended out, it stains a very light pink. It has fine golden shimmer giving my lips a strong shine. The color looks lovely in the tube but too sheer to make an effect on my red pink-tinted natural lips. The texture is rather sticky, similar to MAC lip glass. I don't think I'll glance at P&J lip lacquer again.

Paul and Joe Beaute @ Dermstore

After two back orders, I finally got my hands on Paul and Joe purchase at dermstore.com. They always offer 10% for items in your favorite list, plus a cute Horizon Blue pouch for $50 purchase this month. So I grabbed two face color in Love and Chic, and one lip lacquer in Riviera. I wasn't as happy with Dermstore as Beautyhabit and Primping Parleur. Their costimer service didn't stay in touch clearly on which item is available. They didn't sent me shipping confirmation. All items came in good shape without a dent.
Besides the customer service, their P&J collection is not as extensive as Beautyhabit and Primping Parleur for both permanent line as well as limited edition items. The discount 10% is nice, but if I'm not able to find what I need, I won't make purchase at Dermstore in the future.

Review: Kiehl's Super Fluid SPF 50 - Super comfortable sunscreen

I recently got a sample of Kiehl's super fluid while re-purchasing Kiehl's Abyssine serum. As true to its name, Super Fluid is a fluid literally.
It flows.
It's very comfy on my skin just like a veil of liquid. It's non-greasy but it does the job well. It doesn't moisturize my skin though. I need to apply a separate moisturizer first followed by Super Fluid. But that's not the most inconvenient thing in the world since I can opt to use a lighter moisturizer.

My current daytime moisturizers have SPF 35 from Neutrogena. I love them! However, it can feel heavy, especially under makeup. Super Fluid makes me feel almost naked, not literally, but I don't feel like wearing sunscreen. Super Fluid can also be worn on top of your makeup. As long as you don't rub it  on your skin, gentle dabs will put down enough sunscreen without messing your makeup.

If you live in dry weather, Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF would be more functional. Super Fluid will work better in more humid regions, where you can use a lighter moisturizer of your choice. Super Fluid definitely climbs to the top of my wish list after testing out this sample.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Fall 2010 - 067 Silvery Moon Face and Eyecolor CS

My last test with Paul and Joe eyeshadows is Silvery Moon ($35 for 0.27 oz). It was one of the three limited edition face and eyecolor palettes of the Fall 2010 collection. The color coordination immediately caught my eye since I have a thing for taupe and silver.  Silvery Mon contains a shimmery white, shimmery gold, a frosty taupe, a satin grey and a dark navy blue with blue shimmers. The taupe and grey shades are really gorgeous. You can also use the shimmery white and gold shades for face highlithing. While the colors are pretty, I've found the texture a bit chalky, especially the dark navy blue. All shades are soft but not as smooth as the other P&J eyeshadows I've tried (here, here, and here). This is probably my least favorite of the bunch. If you love adorable packaging then yes don't miss this as it's also versatile. But I wouldn't recommend this to those who wants good quality.

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Fall 2010 - 068 Moon Shadow Lipstick C

Moon Shadow ($25 for 0.12 oz) was one of the three limited edition lipsticks of the fall 2010 collection. It's one of those special products that you're probably sold solely due to the cute design - a kitty head instead of a bullet. The kitty head is carved in delicate details making this lippie more like a piece of art.
Moon Shadow is a medium rosy pink with golden sheen. It's very pretty and wearable pink that will pair perfect with almost all eyeshadows. The color, however, is not special. Many other brands offer similar pinks. It really wows me when paring with P&J Sailor's Delight. Together they create a Chanel-glossimer effect by adding fine golden shimmer of Sailor's Delight and muting the pearly goden sheen of Moon Shadow a little bit. Plus, the final shade is warm orange-tinted rosy pink. It is AMAZING! The texture is smooth, creamy and moisturizing. I think P&J lipsticks very much equal Laura Mercier counterparts. LOVE!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Spring 2010 - 066 Purple Clover Face and Eye Color CS Swatch

Ooh and wow was how I felt when I saw Temptalia's review of Purple Clover ($20 for 0.1 oz). I think it's even more beautiful in person. Purple Clover consists of a soft satin pink mauve and a deep plum. Pinks tend not to look friendly on me but this pink is different, very lovely. Purple Clover reminds me of Dior Stylish Move.  I only need Purple Clover for eye makeup, either using the two colors as individual shadest or mixing them together. Again, this eyeshadow leans on the sheer side but it's the most pigmented than P&J eyeshadow (here and here) I've tried so far. The texture is buttery smooth. This powder stays put very well too. I strongly recommend Purple Clover for all skintone. Tanner beaties out there might need a little bit of black eyeshadow or eyeliner to complete the look. A MUST-HAVE! Seriously.

Classic & Classical

When stress starts to intrude my dreams and makeup seems useless, reading extensively always got my back. It soothes me. I feel calm and relaxed after half of a book. The past 2 weeks was dedicated for Mr. Harry Potter's story, one of the proudest items in our family library. I never get tired with these books just like I never get bored with eyeshadows. Miss Rowling's imagination is beyond words. A true classic.

Talking about classic, Hans Zimmer's live performance of the soundtrack "Time" for Inception Premiere tells you why many call him God. Wonder how "Time" lifted up the ending of Inception to epic, you must watch here.

Tchaikovski piano concerto No. 1 Op.23 -First movement played by Arthur Rubinstein. What's else can we ask for?

Joan Rivers' plastic face scares me to death. However, I find her acerbic wit attractive and fun. Let's see what she hasn't done.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Spring 2010 - 065 Lady's Slipper Face and Eye Color CS Swatch

The most beautifully unexpected color coordination ought to come from French designers. Period. Lady's Slipper ($20 for 0.1 oz) has a satin light baby pink and a shimmer lime green that reads sugarcane juice. It sounds scary but the colors themselves are very wearable. Green and pink were immensely popular back in the 1990s, from clothes, accessories, makeup or shoes. It's nice to see P&J making a comeback for this unique color combination.

The texture of Lady's Slipper is soft and smooth. If you like colorful eyemakeup you definitely need to check this out. I haven't managed to rock both colors on my lids. It just looks odd. I see the lime green a perfect accent color for inner corners or near the tear duct. I use the baby pink as a natural fresh  youthful lid color.
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