Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Fall 2011 - #074 Empire State Color Powder CS

Buttery smooth, buidable and long wearing, Empire State ($24 for 0.1 oz) stays true to the reputation of P&J eyeshadow. It contains a light shimmery yellow and a matte sheer deep grey. The yellow shade is more opaque and smooth than the grey. I found the grey shade a bit chalky. But I'm so glad it has matte finish. Two shimmery shadows in one place bores me. All in all, Empire State stays in the sheer sides of shadow kingdom. It will flatter lighter skintones better for this reason. Medium skintone beauty will still love it because of the grey and beautiful color combination.
I use a pencil brush to apply Empire State because the grey shade stripe is too tiny for a regular eyelid brush like MAC 239. Sponge-tipped applicators works wonderfully and handily as well. You're not just paying for the ridiculously adorable packaging but also good quality.
Empire State pairs extremely well with Soho Lipstick C! To tone down Soho and give it some shine, I top it with Sailor's Delight.

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