Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paul and Joe Beaute - the utterly reckless experiment

I resisted Paul and Joe for a long time ignoring all the hypes for no clear reason. Maybe I had a fear of disappointment with the product quality that tends to be compensated by the adorable packaging. But my favorite Dior fails me miserably this fall (and last fall!). Although my other favorite brand Chanel brings out outstanding fall eyeshadow quint and Rouge Coco, I was so ready to try something new.

I did an extensive search on Paul and Joe Beaute through blogs. The damage is huge ONLINE shopping carts. I purchased eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss and face powder from, and I’ve never purchased a new makeup brand without testing at least one of its items at the counter. Not this time. I placed my orders solely based on trusted beauty bloggers’ reviews. I can’t wait to share my little Paul and Joe adventure as well as my shopping experience with you. I found Paul and Joe at Urban Outfitter but didn’t shop there. Several have complained on flawed lipsticks from UO.

Reviews are in the next posts! 

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