Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paul and Joe Beaute @ Primpingparleur.com

My Paul and Joe order from Primping Parleur arrived today. I'm so excited that I have to write a post. Out of the three P&J retailers I've tried, Primping Parleur has the largest collection of limited edition items. The quality of the products are awesome, no dents or broken pieces. I purchased 2 eyeshadows from Spring 2010 collection and they look brand new. Given that the boutique is 20-minute drive and the package was delivered after 5 days, I'm quite happy with the shipping and handling.
Primping Parleur offers 10% discount before tax and shipping for first time subscribers to their mailing list. Plus, if you purchace at least $75 of Paul and Joe Beaute, you got a free cosmetics bag. In my case, I got a floral-print brush roll.

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