Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Summer 2011 - # 003 Sailor's Delight Lipgloss B

Paul and Joe Sailor's Delight ($22 for  0.21 oz) is a sheer orange lip gloss with obvious but fine gold shimmer. It feels comfortable on my lips, moisturizing and non-sticky. It has a citrus kind of smell, which is not surprising for a fruity color  lipgloss. I think it's best to layer on top of lipstick but if you prefer just a hint of bright orange it will do too. When applied alone it leaves mostly gold shimmer on my lips and very little color. My lips are naturally pink. However, it makes my teeth look a bit too yellow than usual.
Sailor's Delight has more color than Lancome's Touched by Light Juicy Tube that is only a layer of golden shimmer. It's more orange and less coral than Laura Mercier Bellini lipglaze. Bellini has pearl finish and thicker texture. Overall, I like Sailor's Delight but it's not exceptionally good or pretty. It's a decent lipgloss that is easy to wear.  For more comparison of Sailor's Delight with other orange lipsticks please click here.

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