Monday, August 22, 2011

Paul and Joe Beaute – Final thoughts

The most recognized feature of the line is arguably the exquisite design on the products themselves and the case. The limited edition items, aka the Collection Sparkles, match with runway fashion of that season (here). The cardboard case of these limited edition items is definitely more “going green” than plastic and a mirror. It might look fragile but the cardboard lids remain closed the whole time in my purse. It also reduce weight, a plus for traveling. I have to admit I will need to treat my P&J treasures carefully as I do makeup in the bathroom. So no water in the vicinity of my vanity! P&J permanent line is plastically cased and will mirrors as well as applicators though.

All P&J colors that I’ve known of are on the sheerer arena and buildable. They suit natural beauty better but they can surely handle more dramatic looks. Deeper shades still require some layering for opaqueness, which might or might not be up your alley. I think P&J colors generally work best for lighter skintone. I would pay more attention to deeper shades (Cruising lipstick C anyone?) for I’m medium-skintoned (MAC NC 35). What I value more is the interesting, sometimes unexpected color combination rather than the uniqueness of individual shades.

The products I’ve tried are smooth and soft. They’re comfortable to wear and fragrance-free. The shimmers are delicate.

P&J got both beautiful design and quality with better at packaging than quality, in my opinion. Regarding the style, I feel their products are a tad too girly or maybe a better word is too sweet. I have natural inclination toward chic and classic products that tend to be less girly and more lady-like. Although nothing has wowed me so far, P&J is generally a good brand, quality- and packaging-wise. I highly recommend you check it out.

How do you like P&J? Anything I should definitely try? For reviews on the products I've tried, please click on Paul and Joe Beaute label in this post or at the side bar. 


  1. I only have a few items from the brand and my favorite would be a fall 2010 blush called harvest moon, which contains am essentially matte orange as well as a subtly pearly highlight (I got another one later and found that most other blushes they have are shimmery...) , it a perfect all year round shade for me as it looks glowy when I am tanned and flush-like in the winter month. Another one would be the duo-side brow color, which has that dry texture that's hard to overdo (and instead of fading, it actually darken a little as time goes on (with oils?).

  2. Citrine, thank you! love your blog, by the way.


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