Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fragrance Wishlist

I’ve never bought myself a single full-size fragrance bottle. I get bored so easily with same smell everyday. Small samples from beauty retailers help me carry on from school to work to special dinner to wedding. After a long hunt, I nailed down to the four most-used types that I may purchase full-sizes.

Armani di Gioa. Though Gioa just came out, I had played with it everyday since I got it.  It’s light, fresh, and a bit sweet but not cheesy. I feel the signature elegance and simplicity of  Mr. Armani’s unique style. The best everyday fragrance for warmer months.

Armani Code. I discovered Armani Code long time ago but wasn’t certain for an everyday spray of this clean fragrance. It suits cooler months amazingly thanks to its cashmere feeling, chic and elegant touch. I imagine walking down the street with hot coffee, cashmere scarf and Armani Code.

YSL Parisienne. I think it’s the classic French fragrance. Very Parisienne. Tres chic. Hands down! It makes me feel lighten up whenever I wear it. It’s little bit more dressed up than the Armani’s I love but still magical for all occasions.

Dior J’adore. Another long-time favorite. J’adore offers luxurious, chic and feminine feeling. I have no idea how the way it smell can make you feel that. It’s definitely worth a splurge for special occasions like concert, formal dinner or wedding.

These fragrances are fool-proof. You won’t intoxicate your co-workers. It’s hard to overdo them while rocking your signature scent.

What are your favorites?

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