Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow – Review of #3 Purpura, #6 Khaki Pulse, #9 Rock Sand

My secretly praying for an Armani Friend and Family Sale worked magically. It came out only 2 weeks after I started wishing for it! I had # 3 Purpura in my mind but couldn’t resist #6 Khaki Pulse and # 9 Rock Sand. It turns out a good variation of cool (#3), neutral (#6) and warm (#9) shades.
First thing I noticed, primer does no different with these eyeshadows, at least on me. Unless your eyelids are oilier than mine, I doubt you would need a primer. My skin is normal to dry and under dry weather in Southern California, I have no problem with Eyes to Kill smudging or smearing or falling out all day. They deliver interestingly mixed colors. Though buildable they appear opaque. The texture is buttery smooth, gliding on my lids like a charm. I found fingers the best applicator for these eyeshadows as they reduce fall-outs and even out the color intensity as well as shimmer. 
 It's very challenging to capture the multi-color shimmer of #3 Purpura. Here is another swatch.
The three shades I own are sophisticated enough to be worn along. Although they will pair beautifully with other eyeshadows, I think they look more unique alone. Layering other eyeshadows would diminish their beauty. I use lighter hand to apply Rock Sand for soft shimmery finish. Purpura and Khaki Pulse require heavier application, they look muddy on my lid otherwise. Then I complete the look with eyeliner and mascara.

Recommendation: Not all of the shades in this line offer unique colors but the quality they deliver is well worth the price. Frequent travelers would really appreciate them. A MUST-HAVE!

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