Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classic & Classical

When stress starts to intrude my dreams and makeup seems useless, reading extensively always got my back. It soothes me. I feel calm and relaxed after half of a book. The past 2 weeks was dedicated for Mr. Harry Potter's story, one of the proudest items in our family library. I never get tired with these books just like I never get bored with eyeshadows. Miss Rowling's imagination is beyond words. A true classic.

Talking about classic, Hans Zimmer's live performance of the soundtrack "Time" for Inception Premiere tells you why many call him God. Wonder how "Time" lifted up the ending of Inception to epic, you must watch here.

Tchaikovski piano concerto No. 1 Op.23 -First movement played by Arthur Rubinstein. What's else can we ask for?

Joan Rivers' plastic face scares me to death. However, I find her acerbic wit attractive and fun. Let's see what she hasn't done.

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