Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Dior 5-color Eyeshadow Quint Rosy Tan

Dior 5-color eyeshadow quint Rosy Tan ($59 for 0.21 oz) is the permanent-line companion of Rosy Nude. Versatile, beautiful chic color combination, diverse finish, soft texture. This is the type of palette I love.
The palette contains a satin cool soft pink, a matte rich brown with mild golden shimmer, a shimmery ivory champagne, a  milky nude, and a shimmery taupe brown. This color scheme is soft neutral but no way boring thanks to the pop of lovely pink and champagne. Every brand has at least one neutral color like this with pink, brown, taupe, and champagne. Rosy Tan lies within the same wavelength but has excellent texture. Rosy Tan wears very well, no fall outs or smudging.

This palette has one minor down side. The milky nude and the rich brown somewhat have drier and less smooth texture than the other shades in the palette. The texture discrepancy is noticeable but not as big of a deal-breaker. While Rosy Nude is design for day time looks or lighter skin tone, I've found it more pigmented than Rosy Tan.

One more swatch under direct sunlight.
All shades are housed in a sleek plastic case accompanied by a mirror and two applicators. Dior applicators are the best compared to Guerlain's, Chanel's, and a handful other luxury brands. I love traveling with Dior 5-color quints. More pictures here.

Final thoughts. Not only is Rosy Tan the perfect palette for simple, everyday, office-appropriate looks, but it also offers interesting pop of colors for evening smokey looks. You can't go wrong with Rosy Tan. Hands down. If you missed Rosy Nude, you can still enjoy the beautiful youthful neutral tone that this palette has to offer. If you already have your holy grail neutral eyeshadows, Rosy Tan might be a bit redundant. I doubt Rosy Tan would fail you, though. If, however, you haven't found your favorite everyday palette, Rosy Tan may well be the one.

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