Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 ($46 for 1 oz) is an yellow-based foundation like the rest of Bobbi Brown base makeup. It sounds like it will only compliment warm skintone but it's actually more forgiving than that. It mutes the redness and it could flatter pink undertone too. The foundation comes in 19 shades. Since all are yellow-based, you only need to find the right depth of the foundation. When oxidized, it turns into more beige-based color and considerable less tan than several other foundations. I love to set it with a non-yellow translucent powder.

Coverage. Moisture Rich offers medium to full coverage without caking up on your skin. However, it doesn't smooth out my skin, no matter how thick I apply it. The texture is simply not smooth and nowhere near weightless. It's thick and can feel heavy in the summer heat.

Texture. I've used Moisture Rich on all skin types, i.e. on my mom, my ants, my in-laws of all ages, and it stays on quite well even on oily skin. The key is to apply right amount of moisturizer and setting powder. It can still dry out my skin in the winter if I don't apply rich moisturizer. So "moisture rich" is the name.

Application. I don't see much difference between a foundation brush and my fingers to apply this foundation. The heat of my fingers melts the foundation faster and sheer it out just a little bit. I prefer the brush for more even coverage and faster blending since the foundation texture is rather thick.

One more swatch under direct sunlight

Final thoughts. Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich is a decent foundation that works on many skin types. I like but don't love. With $46 I'd rather switch to Dior Skin Nude for really smooth complexion. Dior Skin Nude is drier. It doesn't hurt to swing by Bobbi Brown counter for some samples anyway :)

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