Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Dior Bronze Harmonie de Blush Rose Brazilia - Naturally Blushing

Dior Broze Harmonie de Blush Rose Brazilia ($44 for 0.22 oz) is one of those products that define the motto of my blog. It possesses two outstanding qualities that deserve more love, the universally flattering all skin tone and buttery smooth texture.

The bright pink and peach color blocks look really vibrant but are toned down by the deep tan. When the colors are swirled together, Rose Brazilia becomes a very pretty rosy tan with a touch of peach. It's great for every day, for work or just for warming up your skin paired with smokey eyes. You probably own at least one wearable blush already. Still, Rose Brazilia is more than just easy-to-rock blush. It's unique in its own way. You can't overdo Rose Brazilia.

Rose Brazilia glides on my cheeks smoothly and stays fresh all day. Most blushes fade within 4 hours  on my cheeks. The texture is very finely milled and soft. The gold shimmer is just an overlay and easily removed by one swipe all over. I actually love Rose Brazilia much better without this not-so-delicate shimmer.

Rose Brazilia comes with a mirror and a brush. All are great for touch up on the go. The case is comparable to Dior's 5-color eyeshadow and Skin Shimmer.
The only downside involves with the fragrance. I don't mind lightly scented makeup as long as it's not overly sweet. Unfortunately, this blush smells like that. It lingers on my blush brush afterward. While it doesn't irritating, I found it diminish the elegance established by the beautiful color, pigmentation and high quality texture. You might like the scent though. It's definitely a personal preference.

Bottom line. Stunning. A must-have.

************** Updates********************
Rose Brazilia flatters cool, warm and neutral skin tone beautifully thanks to the pink, peach and tan color blocks. Isn't it amazing? Same rule applies for pairing it with highlighters. Pink, peach, gold, beige, rosy, and tan highlighters all match perfectly with Rose Brazilia.

I complained about the scent. Fortunately, it fades away as I use up the palette. Unless you press your nose on to the case, it won't bother you. I hope the scent just like the golden shimmer is only an overlay.

Updated bottom line. Get it!!


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