Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Butter London Teddy Girl

A couple weeks ago the weather was really hot for the whole week. It rewinded my summer mood. And I unconsciously pulled out Butter London Teddy Girl to dress up for summer.

Teddy Girl ($14 for 0.4 oz) is a milky pink that compliments my warm tone well. It's very streaky though. After two heavy coats I can still see the streaks. Oh well, I'm never good at painting my nails. Texture-wise, it's much better than Butter London Yummy Mummy which chips within 2 days. Teddy Girl stays put on my nails 5 days before the first chip. Even though it's such a great advantage compared to Yummy Mummy, it's just so so compared to all the Essie I've tried (for example here) with the exception of Topless and Barefoot.

Some swatches

Final thoughts. The texture of Butter London fails miserably compared to drugstore nail polishes. I like Teddy Girl for its cute color, but this pink is not that intriguing to overcome the texture. 

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