Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Shiseido Facial Cottons Versus Cle de Peau Beaute Le Cotton

How many packs of drugstore cotton pads you ran through per year? I usually do three 80 counts from CVS, Target or HEB. But I don't like them. Harsh and feathery, they aren't sturdy nor gentle enough for my eye areas. So when I received a couple of deluxe samples of Cle de Peau cotton pads, I was over the moon. They're so soft and gentle for my skin. However, they still fail to convince me to splurge. The price just doesn't feel right. Since I've always heard great things about Shiseido cotton pads, I gave it a try and really really love them. I found it very similar to Cle de Peau, even better function-wise and price-wise. My warmest thank you to Gummy of GummyVision and Joyce of Bronzerbunny for introducing Shiseido facial cottons!! 

Today, I bring you the face off of Cle de Peau and Shiseido cotton pads.

Packaging. Cle de Peau comes in a chic paper box while Shiseido is housed in plasic bag.

Size. Shiseido pads are smaller in size. Also, CdP has a fancy logo on both sides of the pads. Me, I don't care for it. 

Softness. About the same yet Cle de Peau is a bit more airy while Shiseido is a bit denser. When swipe them on my face, I don't feel the difference even though I know CdP is fluffier. 

Functions. I found them both gentle and excellent for removing makeup. If you want to use it as cotton mask. Shiseido is less feathery and therefore more sturdy when soaked in toner. I also find the feather of CdP pads easy get into my eyes once I tear them in halves to thin them down. 

Price point. Shiseido is more affordable, $9.5 for 165 counts (6 cents/pad) versus CdP $20 for 120 counts (17 cents/pad) or nearly triple the price per pad of Shiseido. It's not either three times large or three times better than Shiseido.  

Tearing the pads in halves. Cle de Peau is more feathery

Shiseido is even more affordable compared to my drugstore pads. It's $9.5 for 165 counts (double to 330 when torn in halves to thin the pads down) versus $3 for 80 counts of HEB pads that untearable to double the use. I usually use 1 pad of Shiseido (as I tear it into 2 halves) or 2 pads of HEB per makeup removal. So in order to have 165 make removals like 1 pack of Shiseido, I need 4 packs of HEB or $12.

For me it's clear Shiseido is the winner. How about you?

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