Friday, August 16, 2013


Life has been full of ups and downs. As I'm battling through the summer schedule and planning for the rest of the year, small little things have lightened up my days and eased my stress. These random happy beats, no matter how trivial, are the highlights lately.

I love everything green tea, ice cream is no exception.

Oh and finally, I found Chanel Affinite on and grabbed it within a blink of an eye before it disappeared again. Also, I managed to convince myself that I needed all the shades of Tom Ford blushes. After Frantic Pink came Wicked! While Wicked is another stellar product, Frantic Pink didn't meet the sky-high standards of the other Tom Ford blushes. Still it's a really good easy-to-use blush.

For all you big cosmetic fanatics, here is an elegant piece of lessons learned by Charleston Girl of Best Things in Beauty. After years shopping online and offline, I have learned them the hard way. One of my grown-up moments is to stop myself from back-ups and seasonal releases. I also really enjoy reading the comments.

This letter of a mother to her 2-year-old daughter after watching Bachelor. May I also put a capital X on Ready for Love? A stupid dating show under the formate of a talent reality competition. You sure do have professional match makers who help you to win the heart of your Prince Charming. Yes, coaches for hair, makeup, lies, tricks, etc.. I feel pathetic for both the guys and their potential soul mates. Of course, it didn't last 2 episodes. Phew!

On a more positive note, my new favorite show is Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel. I wouldn't last 15 minutes naked, starved, tired and afraid in exotic remote land. Especially no sun screen and bug spray!

How is your summer going? Feel free to chip in your favorite random things lately. xo

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