Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Essie Mucho Dinero - Elegant rosy nude

The weather has become chilly recently where I live. The sun sets earlier but still shows his face for most of my working day. This is the ideal atmosphere for Essie Mucho Dinero. It's a warm rosy nude that has enough color to adorn your fingers and is muted enough to grace your work place. Mucho Dinero was listed in J.Crew's summer catalog but I find it versatile for year round. It's the warmer-month version of Essie Lady Like

The texture is creamy and very smooth. It goes on completely opaque after two coats. I don't have any chipping until day 7. Mucho Dinero has an outstanding consistency that is very comparable to Essie Lady Like. Although the latter has better texture, Mucho Dinero is still a well-done polish. Highly recommended!

Mucho Dinero in action.

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