Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Guerlain Ecrin 6-couleur Eyeshadow Palette Place Vendome

When the highly anticipated new permanent Guerlain 6-color eyeshadow palettes ($84 for 0.25 oz) entered the beauty world last fall, its intricate packaging and the jaw-dropping price tag immediately created a fuzz. Many have considered the price point a pure insanity despite the luxurious unique design.  We makeup lovers, especially those who adore designer brands, expected a wowing quality from such a palette. The obvious question is whether it's well worth the price. Does this new set of 6-color eyeshadow palette actually amaze us?

Place Vendome is one of the six palettes released last year. I was speechless to see it in person, although the promo pictures were floating around months before the launch date. The metal case is heavy and attracts finger prints. It comes with a large mirror and a two-ended brush of decent quality. Breathtaking design!

I chose Place Vendome for its lovely color theme - a matte ivory, a silky light taupe, a shimmery golden taupe, a matte grey, a satin deep blue, and a matte deep grey eyeliner. It offers diverse depth of colors and finishes. The deep blue and the golden taupe bring interesting touch that balances the overall cool tone. This palette together with Champs-Elysees lies in the deeper tone among the six palettes.
Great features. Place Vendome is one of the most versatile palettes I've ever seen thanks to the rather neutral colors and various finish it has to offer. You can created endless looks with 6 different eyeshadows. The texture of all shades are silky soft and smooth except for the dark grey eyeliner. I used the eyeliner wet and still experienced raccoon eyes after 3 hours.

Weakness. The pigmentation is sadly mediocre. And this is what those palettes received vast criticism for the poor color payoff and chalky uneven texture. Place Vencome is certainly more pigmented than the lighter palettes of the line but I still rank it under Dior 5-color eyeshadow. I use Laura Mercier Eyebasic and all the shades look lovely. Even so, Place Vendome wears well for 5 hours (versus all day in case of a good Dior 5-color quint).

I guess the exquisite design and sky high price produce such a great expectation for these palettes. Naturally, it's more than an usual disappointment when the quality doesn't live up to all the excitement before they joined the market.

The swatches below were layered over Urban Decay Primer Potion. They are very easy to swatch.
Final thoughts. Like but not impressed. I don't think Place Vendome is worth $84. It'd be much more marketable in the $60 price range because of the not-that-great texture and longevity. By the end of the day, it's your personal preference on what features of the product matter the most to you. So if you want a great quality eyeshadow palette,  skip Place Vendome and the other 5 from this line. If it has to be designer brands, I'd say Dior, Chanel, the new 4-color eyeshadow palette from Guerlain, Givency and Dolce & Gabana have much more to satisfied your taste. However, if you want a decent quad but a unique fabulous packaging, Place Vendome is for you.

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