Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Montreal Five-Love

Running The Convenient Beauty has been a bit of a challenge since April. Not only I haven't had much time to finish my draft posts, but my mentality for the blog has evolved. In the chaos of changes in my non-blogging life, I had a much-needed trip to Montreal. It was such a refreshment after over a year living in Houston. Montreal has a special charm especially during spring time. I LOVE the city for many reasons, but here are five loves of the trip.

1. David's Tea shop. A more fun version of Teavana. It's hip, friendly, cute and relaxing. We ordered caffein-free tea. Delicious!! 

2. Strangely-looking and tasty veggie - Tetes de Violon. I forgot to grab one package ughhh. This is served only at restaurants in Houston, I think. 

 3. BIXI - a bike sharing service that's similar to Houston B-cycle. Me, biking through one of the city parks. 

4. One of the neighbors' cat. She's a ninja but from time to time, she's laid back like this. Her belly is huge!

5. My niece. She can flip and sit (for a while). Precious!!
Hope things are going well where you are now.


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