Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: Clarins Ever Matte Foundation SPF 15

My long quest for a perfect match foundation have reached a great destination. Ladies, I present to you my all time favorite foundation: the Clarins Ever Matte Foundation SPF 15 ($32 for 1.01 oz). Click here to see this foundation in action.
The foundation has a refreshing cucumber scent that isn't overwhelming and fades soon after applied. It's housed in a solid yet squeezable plastic tube. I really love how light weight and sleek it feels on my hand. Perfect for travel or on the go touch up.

The shade reviewed here is 108 Sand since I want to match my facial skin, which usually will match shade 110 Honey, to my neck skin. Shade 110 Honey matches other foundations I've used (reviewed here). 
Clarins Ever Matte smoothes out my skin, reduces pore size giving my complexion a natural tighten look. If you're familiar with ultra-smooth finish of BB cream, you can imagine the similar finish of Clarins Ever Matte yet not as heavy looking.

The foundation feels weightless and dries in a matte natural finish. I don't look like wearing foundation at all and I don't feel like that either! It's buildable from sheer to medium to full coverage to accommodate your preferences. It looks completely like my second skin even with full coverage that cover most of my blemishes. No matter how sheer I apply the foundation, it stays put for 10 hours without a primer or a settling powder. I have combination skin, only my T-zone looks shiny at the end of the day.

What I love the most about Clarins Ever Matte is it doesn't oxidize into pink (like Chanel Mat Lumiere), yellow tan (like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk) or orange (like Dior Skin Nude), even when being layering on top of a sunscreen. I've looked long and hard for a foundation that owns this trait. And this alone is the winner for me. My skin, though combination, is notorious for turning foundations into one shade darker and changing their colors.

Sheer Coverage, you still can see the veins

Full coverage, no veins 
Now, if you live in the regions of dry weather or have dry skin, Clarins Ever Matte might be a bit flaky. I could still wear it during the cooler months in Houston. All I did was to moisturize my skin well before applying the foundation.

Bottom line. The best foundations I've ever tested. Hands down. If you haven't tried Clarins Ever Matte, I urge you to do so next time you visit a Clarins counter. 

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