Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest post - Zoya Pippa

My lovely friend from grad school Huidong was kind enough to write a guest post for my blog. I really love her Zoya yellow nail polish so I asked her to share some thoughts about it. 

Zoya Pippa is a beautiful fresh yellow. It's bright and fun without being neon and in-your-face. The texture is creamy yet streaky. Pippa is rather sheer but becomes opaque after 2 coats. Huidong feels that Pippa goes on smoothly. It's very easy to apply but chips quickly. It would be a great color on your toes too. Imagine your tan toes with a pop of bright yellow on a white sand beach next to the blue ocean. 

Two coats

Zoya Pippa in action. Here, Huidong paired her fresh yellow nails with a green summer skirt. I think it's lovely.

Big hugs to Huidong! She was unbelievably patient with my request. She swatched Pippa several times between conferences, seminars and her own research schedule. As a result, yellow on left hand and black on right hand :)

What is our favorite nail colors for the summer? Mine is definetely baby blue


  1. This reminds me, i have a yellow polish i haven't yet used this summer. Thanks for the reminder and blogpost!

    1. You have to show me next time we meet :).


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