Friday, July 6, 2012

From the sale rack

I don't make the purchases based on the discount percentage but the actual price of the items and my budget. I try to evaluate the quality and the priority ranking on my to-buy list then whether they're worth the price. Here are a few recent great finds.

LOFT tee-sweater. After extra 50% discount, I paid about $17.50. I love wear a white camisole under neath. I think this combination looks effortlessly chic yet relaxing. You can definitely play it up a little with a black or grey camisole or tank. I love to pair this sweater with white or dark denim ankle length pants and gold jewelries.

LOFT hoodies lounge wear ($4.88 compared to $34.50) for my yoga class or just walking outside when it gets a little chilly at night. Since most items that make it to the final sale rack tend to be too large for me, I was trilled to find this hoodies in my size and my favorite color beige. $4.88!

Steve Madden speedy bag from TJMaxx in khaki taupe ($39.99 compared to $79.99 on I was looking for this type of bag for ever. I love it! It doesn't overwhelm my petite frame. It's taupe! It goes with many of my outfits. You can wear it on your arm or cross your body hence it's very convenient for grocery, hang out, dinner or work.  The (fake) leather is light-weight without looking cheap so you can dress it up or down. It comes with a ribbon that does look cheap though. I removed the ribbon and saved it for an on-going craft project. Again, I think this quality deserves this price. I didn't see the TJMaxx's price at first so I thought $79.99 was ridiculous and I would only buy it if it was half off. And it was! My happiest purchase at TJMaxx ever.

Steve Madden flats from TJMaxx ($29.99). They're not the most comfortable flats in the world but they do their job. I had always wanted a pair like these when I was in high school. A dream came true:)

Glass containers from Marshalls (set of four large and set of eight small containers, $7.99 each). The lids close tightly and the containers are in perfect size for lunch box. Both the hubby and I bring lunch to work so they work perfect for us. I also use them to store left-over. Love them so much!

That's it! I've never good luck with either clothes or beauty products at the discounted retailer but do hope someday I will find something.

Where do you shop for great sale items? What is your happiest purchases? Do you shop for beauty products at TJMaxx, Marshalls or Ross? If yes then how was the quality turn out?

Thank you for reading and have a great week!


  1. Like the bag, will try to get one for my gf :)

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Great buy! I love the Loft sweater. You look absolutely chic!


    1. Thank you! I wish I could wear it more often. Houston has been too warm for sweater.


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