Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Burberry Lip Glow Natural Lipgloss in Cameo

Lipglosses tend to grab the last spot in my beauty wish list. I can't find many lipglosses that feel lightweight, non-sticky and stay-put. When I tried out Burberry, I was uber skeptical on a lipgloss splurge. This glowing review by temptalia really gave me the kick to order Cameo.

Burberry Lipgloss 08 Cameo ($27 for 0.2 oz) is a beautiful pink peach with the most subtle hint of shimmer. It feels incredibly comfortable on my lips, almost weight less. It's not goopy or sticky at the slightest. You know how your flying hair can stick to your lip gloss (like Edward Bess lipgloss, Bobbi Brown high shimmer lipgloss, Nars lipgloss, MAC lip glass, Laura Mercier lip glaze, Chanel Glossimer and many others)? I don't have that problem with Burberry Cameo.
At first, I thought I already had a frostier version of Cameo - Laura Mercier lip glaze in Bellini, one of my fav for years. They look rather similar in the tube. However, Burberry Cameo has higher consistency, more opaque and also pinker. Laura Mercier Bellini is a softer peach and highly shimmery.
Burberry Cameo stays fresh for 3 solid hours, then it starts to fade but still retains the stain at hour 5. I think that's decent. This lipgloss isn't meant to last long or to be super pigmented anyway. It looks great by itself, a soft pink peach with a natural sheen. It also works well to tone down any bright lip color and give it a boost with some sheen. I give Cameo two thumbs up for being great quality and truly versatile.

Bottom line. Love! Phenomenal lipgloss, and I don't even like lipglosses. Highly recommended!

Have you tried Burberry lipglosses? Any recommendations or should I just go with their lip mist? 


  1. That is one of those types colors I always love in the bottle but can't for the life of me pull off! So glad you love it :-)

  2. Aw, you have warm skin tone? I thought Cameo would look good on warm skin.

  3. Ooooh now I think I need to try their glosses! I was kind of ignoring them since I don't wear glosses much anymore... HMMM!

    1. I love love love the formula! What I've heard is the pigmentation changes with the shades.


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