Friday, October 19, 2012

Why do I wear makeup?

"You look good already. You don't need makeup!"
"Your nose is too flat, otherwise you'd be so beautiful."
"Try a few shades lighter. Your skin is a bit too tan. You'll look prettier with paler complexion."
"You're short, you know, so don't wear floor-length dresses."
"You're too this or that, so wear this don't rock that."
"bla bla bla"

Does any of these sound familiar to you guys? Or this one is worse to me - "Men don't like women wear makeup. Why do you do it?"
My bare face at Johnson Space Center. Not the best no-makeup shot but I remembered I was happy.

Every girl, no matter how confident, feels insecure at least one time in her life because of those kind of comments. I struggled through out my childhood to accept how I looked. My face, my body, my eye color, and almost every other features of my physical appearance used to bother me. It wasn't because I didn't feel pretty myself but the standards that the culture and society created for people. I believed everybody was beautiful, in different ways. You don't need to have hour-glass figure or perfectly symmetrical face structure to feel it. I believe we, women and man, shouldn't let what so called beauty standards dictate our view of beauty. And yet those "standards" put such a pressure on my younger self. Being different in my culture (I'm Asian in case you couldn't tell) is not encouraged. Those days were unhappy.

Until I decided I can't be anyone else but myself. So heck, I'll do what make me feel happy.

My love for makeup started at very early age, probably 7. I still remembered eyeing my mom's lipsticks.   I was thrilled when discovering how to use mascara. I used to want to grow up fast so that I can wear makeup too. With all those insecure feelings about myself, strangely enough, I never thought of makeup as something will make me look prettier or more up-to-date in someone's eyes. It has always been a way to express different aspects of myself. It has always been fun. It has never meant to please anyone but myself. I also have faith in a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and proper exercise. I believe they work better than an anti-winkle serum or a dark-circle eraser.

Do I look more/less beautiful with makeup? You guys decide.
Do I feel more/less beautiful with makeup? I decide.
Do I feel more/less confident with makeup? No. Makeup is one of my hobbies.
Do I listen to my man if he says he doesn't want me to wear makeup? No. In fact, he has told me more than a dozen times that makeup is redundant for me. But he understands it's something that I want rather than a necessity.

Now, I don't undermine the power of makeup nor advocate for inappropriate makeup. When people compliment on my makeup, I am certainly flattered. Makeup helps me to express how I feel. And I truly appreciate people's recognition of my feelings. How do I define inappropriate? Say, I wouldn't bring red lips to work. But if I had the same "job" as the Kadashians, I would need to wear a heck lot more to stay employed rather than just smokey eyes or red lips. I think when makeup is done in the way that fits your personality and your purpose, it can change the way you feel about yourself, and therefore your life.

That's my story. I would love to hear about your opinions on wearing makeup. I understand everyone's different. So please don't argue over what's right or wrong. Please just focus on what you think.

Joanne xx


  1. I just feel a little bit more put together and polished when I wear makeup, even if it's only powder, blush and lip gloss. As I get older I also have pigmentation issues, so some kind of concealer is a must for my a bare minimum makeup face...and over the past year or so concealer has also been a must to cover spots. Also with my job I feel as though I should put my 'best face forward' because as much as we all try to say don't judge a book by it's also only have once chance to make a first impression.

    At home I don't wear makeup, and I actually really enjoy my makeup free days. I feel like it's a very good thing to give your skin a break because our skin takes a beating from pollution alone - not to mention makeup and all the skincare mumbo jumbo we put it through! I used to go out in public without makeup a lot more than I do now (work excluded), but that's mainly because of my skin issues (pigmentation and acne).

    I love being a woman and makeup gets me a little giddy, even with as little as I wear compared to so many. How can you not get excited about an amazing new lip color or that perfect blush???!!! It can change your mood and lift your you feel you feel strong...make you look awake when you've had a sleepless night. Or there's the flip side...some of the makeup itself is gorgeous...the packaging, textures, imprints into the makeup itself, etc.

    I also love reading about what makeup does for the same color can look so different on people, how skin tones change colors and textures...all the tips and tricks. I do find it so very fascinating!! Some of the YouTube videos showing the magic that happens with some of the makeup artists and non-professionals I just marvel over - mostly because I wish I had that talent, but also because their work is so beautiful!!

    My husband is awesome...he doesn't care whether I wear makeup or not, but is always sure to compliment me when I'm wearing a different lipstick or have different eye makeup. He knows I struggle with the little that I do, and he also knows how much I love it!

    So do I feel as though I NEED makeup? Absolutely not.
    Do I enjoy wearing makeup, looking at all the pretties, swatching, reading blogs, watching videos...? Absolutely, yes!!

    Awesome post!!!

    1. Excellent points Gummy. This stands alone as a blog post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! I'm totally with you on "best face forward". And bravo to your sweet hubby!

  2. I think it is SO great that you are sharing this. I love how you point out that how you feel about wearing makeup is entirely up to you.

    I think being Asian can be tough when it comes to beauty - I know in my late teens, and even a few years ago, I always did my eye makeup so I would look more "American." My boyfriend doesn't prefer if I change the shape of my eyes or wear anything super smoky, so only in the last year or two have I been working hard to learn more natural, eye brightening techniques.

    Like you, I don't feel the need to wear makeup. Actually, because I like to sleep, I usually don't wear makeup lol! I have no problem with that at all. But I sure do LOVE buying and playing with makeup, reading blogs, watching videos, etc etc. Makeup is on my mind like 24/7!

    Fortunately, my boyfriend understands why I love makeup. We had a big discussion about it once lol. He's fully supportive of the blog and my shopping habits and how i spend all my time absorbed in blog related things lol.

    1. I know what you mean by American eyes. I used to try create an illusion of deep sockets because many people like to define their sockets. Then I realized if I don't have sockets no need to define them. Growth takes time. I'm happy that we embrace our originality gracefully! xx

  3. This is such a powerful message!! Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. I'm happy you like it! Thanks for stopping by Emily!

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing and I love it! I used to put make up when I started working already. I feel that this is the right time since I can buy whatever i want since I am the one earning. Now I collect lots of them for they are the ones that make me happy.

    1. Thanks Emie for stopping by! I love to stare at my stash, testing different looks and have fun with it. Being a woman feels good, right?


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