Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review: Wearable bright pink lips - Nars Easy Lover & Chanel Pink Teaser

I've always found hot pink picky to wear. Since I want the a more natural take on the intentive pink, I opt for lipglosses instead of lipstick. Nars Easy Lover (2010 summer collection) and Chanel Pink Teaser (2010 fall collection) can do the trick for me. While they still maintain the bright spirit of the pink, they are much wearable and soft. You can create many versions of neutral eye and bright pink lips.

Nars Easy Lover ($24 for 0.28 oz) works perfectly for the daytime. It's my lipcolor when I bite my lips several time. Easy Lover is a sheer hot pink that coats my lips with a natural but more lively color. Nars lipglosses smell little odd when first applied though it fades quickly. It's comfortable to wear and non-sticky. However, it took me several attempts to keep the gloss within my liplines, probably due to it's jelly-like texture.

Chanel Pink Teaser ($28.5 for 0.19) is gorgeous for both day and night looks. It’s an opaque hot pink with exquisite golden shimmer. It glides on so smoothly, creating neat liplines. I wear it for good 4 hours with slight drinking. Chanel Glossimers are phenomenal and ultimately luxurious. I've tried other high-end shimmer lipglosses and Chanel wins me over.

I imagine myself to wear these two lippies for a years to come. They're absolutely stunning. 

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