Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Guerlain Rouge G #45 Orange Euphorique - Unique, Gorgeous Orange

I guess many of you wouldn't love to hear (again) about a limited edition item dated back in the Spring Collection 2011. Last time I checked in July, Orange Euphorique ($47 for 0.12 oz) was only available online at Neiman Marcus. I know, I know but it's my all time favorite lipstick from any brand (I featured it here and here) I simply have to share. The color, pigmentation, longevity, and moisturizing score at the top quality. It's muted orange that is not too neutral to loose the brightness of an orange color. It compliments warm skin tone beautifully but cool-skintoned ladies would still be able to put it off.
Orange Euphorique has very delicate golden shimmer delivering glossy finish but it's not a stick gloss. Gerlain's Rouge G formula glides on smoothly and moisturizing. I don't need lip balm to rock Rouge Gs. Orange Euphorique might fall on the sheerer side of Rouge G family. My natural lipcolor (red-tinted pink) shows through Orange Euphorique. I've heard some complaining about the pigmentation. So I swatched several layers on my arms. It looks considerably more opaque with 5 layers but seems to offer similar intensity with either one or 3 layers.
Does it have any downsides that matter (to me at least)? Yes, but all Rouge Gs do. I don't like the packaging of Rouge Gs - heavy, expensive and can't stand up. Half of the price goes to this cumbersome case. And what worse is Guerlain doesn't sell refill for Rouge G. We just have to keep buying this beautiful but ridiculously inconvenient cases. Well, it does include a mirror but it's not worth the trouble.
Orange Euphorique brings a fresh touch to your look that is appropriate for any occasion or anytime of the year.  I love it SO MUCH that I'm on the hunt for a permanent dupe. Please buzz me on this post if you know of any lippie like this.


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