Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Highlighter - Dior Shimmer Star Amber Diamond

I should admit when it comes to my holy grail products, my reviews are sort of biased. My fingers trembled a little while typing this particular post on Dior Amber Diamond. I was afraid my words wouldn't do the justice of THE truly must-have product. Please bare with me when I run away with my emotions...
Dior Amber Diamond ($44 for 0.35 oz) is a gorgeous copper-tinted slash golden sheen. It's extremely flattering on warm skintone although it looks beautiful on cooler skintone as well. I tried Amber Diamond grudgingly. I was mainly curious about the natural from-within glow that it's been well-received for. And I understand why many people swear by this wonderful highlighter. Amber Diamond has the outstanding combination of color (coppery instead of purely ivory that might wash you out in daylight) and micro-finely milled shimmer (the shimmer is so fine that it blends instantly into your skin). If used at just the right amount depending the depth of your skintone, it truly delivers a healthy natural glow as if you owned it. Amber Diamond looks most natural when blent well.
You can also create different shades and intensity using different color combinations, which makes Amber Diamond even more versatile. I also find it compliment both cool and warm blush colors.

Here is a quick comparison with other highlighters....
Amber Diamond has the deeper tone and the most natural compared to the others. It doesn't look metallic when swatched heavily, meaning it's foolproof. Hardly can you go wrong with it.

Well, you can see I'm biased but for a very good reason. It's certainly pricey but when would you finish 0.35 oz of the shimmer powder that only requires two swipes on each cheek? If you've never had good luck with Dior (really? have you tried their 5-color eyeshadows and Dior Skin Nude foundation and their mascaras?) you might be converted with Amber Diamond. A MUST-HAVE. Period.


  1. Thank you for this review its very helpful .

  2. Anonymous - You're welcome! I'm glad you find it helpful.

  3. I googled "highlighter brush" and came across your photo of the two brushes you use for highlighting. Then I started reading, and read some more and now you have me craving the Dior Amber Diamond... Thanks... :-))

    1. Anonymous - Isn't Dior Amber Diamond gorgeous? I love it so much...


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