Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Dior Mascaras - DiorShow, DiorShow Iconic, DiorShow Extase

Smokey eyes and long plumed lashes have dominated the beauty world for a while now. I always feel like an outsider of that trend - natural lashes are neither charcoal black nor one-inch long. Given that my lashes are decent  though not the longest and thicket of our mankind, I just want a mascara that curls and ... curls. I never attempt to plum or lengthen my lashes, not that because my lashes are already gorgeous. My eyes look heavy with dramatic lashes. I also need a dry-formulated mascara to hold the curled lashes. Wet mascaras tend to drag my thin lashes down.

Long for short,  only DiorShow Iconic Mascara (regular formula) has granted my wishes. I use it for every look, any occasions and any time of the year. The spiral brush separates and curls every single lash. Its dry formula holds the curl extremely well. My lashes look the same from dawn to dusk.
The original DiorShow has wetter and heavier formula. It's good mascara that doesn't smear, smudge or fall out during the day. But it gives me more volume and length than I wish for. Also the brush is too fat for my eyes, making it hard to work with. It's rose scented, which might or might not by a deal-breaker for you.

The DiorShow Extase has similar formula to the original mascara using a more user-friendly brush. I like Extase much better than the original DiorShow for this reason. It volumizes my lashes but doesn't lengthen them. I can see myself reach for Extase from time to time.

Is Dior your staple brand of mascaras? What is your favorite mascara?

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