Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

When it comes to mascara I declare myself a conservative. It's nothing worse than a unsuitable mascara - besides weird look lashes are irritation and eye tiredness. Over the time I became skeptical with all the hypes on any new claimed-to-be-magical mascaras even from Dior whose Dior Iconic is the only mascara I use. That is to say I'm so thrilled to be able to fall in love again with Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.  It offers everything I can dream of a great mascara - dry formula (best for thin lashes like mine), clump-free, long wearing, lengthening, and possibly curling with a little extra help. I've only tried a sample and already love it so much.

The formula is very similar to Dior Iconic. Since I'm not seeking for volumizing and more leaning toward lengthening and curling my lashes, I'm satisfied after 2 good coats of Eyes to Kill. And it stays on all day, no raccoon-eyed detected after 8-hour wearing.
While the brush design doesn't aim for curling Eyes to Kill can holds the curl without an eyelash curler. How does it happen? Well I use the handle of my eyeshadow brush to lift my lashes after application for 3 seconds. And voila! The result is also very similar to that of Dior Iconic that is one of the best curling mascaras in the market. The curled lashes also stay put after 8 hours. It is CONVENIENT, isn't it?

All in all Eyes to Kill is even better than Dior Iconic thanks to the lengthening effect that the latter never succeed to create. I love to condition and curl my lashes using Dior Iconic first followed by Armani Eyes to Kill for lengthening. I can live without an eyelash curler.

Armani Eyes to Kill is priced at $30 claiming to create weightless volume and length. Volumizing effect is not noticeable, which thrills me. So if you want to plum your lashes you might feel disappointed. You'll love it if you want length and curl. Highly recommended.

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