Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The first to be finished off - Dior Addict Casual Beige

The signature characteristic of beauty addicts - barely finish a product and when one does, she "yays". Though my makeup stash is quite controllable, i.e. I remember every single item I own, I feel still quite awesome to use up Dior Casual Beige. The only other exception is mascaras as we need to throw them out for hygiene reason.

See how much I used...
Dior Casual Beige (was $26 for 0.12 oz), recently revamped as Beige Casual ($28 for 0.12 oz), is lovely pinky beige. It's moisturizing and natural. When applied heavily it turns slightly pinky mauve on my warm skin tone. I pair it with smokey eyes or just for everyday look. The downside is it wears off very quickly, one hour in my case, which requires constant re-application. It compliments both warm and cool colors very well thanks to the pink-tinted on top of beige base.
And a few more hopeful "to-be-finished" are Guerlain Orange Euphorique, Laura Mercier Audrey, and Dior Aurora

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