Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Highlighter - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Pink Oyster

Pink Oyster ($34 for 0.4 oz) is an Asia-exclusive. The Beauty Look Book featured it a while back. I was thrilled to grab it duty-freely aboard. It is very pretty pinky beige with a touch of cream. The texture is smooth and glides on easily. I wish it's less shimmery for it would be more wearable for everyday looks. But it's named shimmer brick for a reason, isn't it?
A few swatches that I'm not fully satisfied with but hope it helps you to have an idea of the complexity of Pink Oyster.
I found Pink Oyster work really well with an array of blush color from brown to peach to bright pink. I especially to pair it with MAC Melba. It would compliment cool-toned and neutral blushes too thanks to its beige-, pink- and ivory-based.

It's neither pink like Dior Rose Diamond nor completely beige like TheBalm Manizer. It has more metallic finish than Laura Mercier Gilded Garden, Dior Rose Diamond and Bobbi Brown Nectar.
I also did a comparison of Pink Oyster with the rest of the highlighter I own here, here and here. Last but not least, it will last for a long time. With 0.4 oz of products and just one or two applications on each cheek, I will never finish it.

I think Pink Oyster belongs to permanent line in Asia but I'm not positive where you can get it except for Asian Airports.

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