Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Edward Bess palette in Berry Chic

Berry Chic ($75) is the coupling palette of Back to Basics, released right before the holiday season 2011. While Back to Basics has neutral color theme, Berry Chic has berry pink theme yet still stays in the wearable zone. It brings a fresh air of springy pink into Edward Bess' already phenomenal yet subtle collection. 

Curious on what you'll have, click the image to enlarge....

- The Cheek and Lip color is a burgundy/mauve rose that (comparable to Compact Rouge) is creamy, long-wearing, natural. I don't own any Compact Rouge (yet), so I can't tell if the Check and Lipcolor included in Berry Chic equals the Compact Rouge. 

- The highlighter is a lovely shimmery cool pink. It still doesn't live up to the legendary Edward Bess All Over Seduction Sunlight and Afterglow, but it's smoother and more delicate that its counterpart in Back to Basics.  It's slightly smaller than All Over Seduction (0.07 oz compared to 0.08 oz). 

- The 4 eyeshadows (a satin ivory, a shimmery burgundy plum, a satin warm pink and a satin chocolate brown) are highly pigmented, buildable and silky that are just as phenomenal as his regular eyeshadows. The pink and burgundy plum did alarm me a bit at first. Again, Edward Bess does his magic toning down this hard-to-wear color theme to understated chic. If you're warm-toned like me, just go easy on the burgundy plum. The pink is actually among very few pinks that I can wear without looking irritated. 

- The two lipglosses are sheer, non-sticky and stays put. The first gloss is a cool pink where as the second is a raspberry pink despite the purple appearance in the pan. 

All colors of this palette are new to the line so rest assured that you won't get anything repetitive from the permanent Edward Bess line. I think this is, particularly, a big plus when you splurge $75 on a single product, you'd want to make the most out of it. The highlighters of Back to Basics and Berry Chic differ from each other (although share pink shimmer and undertone) and from Sunlight and Afterglow.

For my thoughts on the packaging and the price point of Berry Chic, please refer to my review on Back to Basics. 

Bottom line. Edward Bess did it again. Great color coordination, great texture, long-wearing and easy-to-travel with. Quality-wise, Berry Chic surpasses Back to Basics. It can require a bit more thoughts to work with as the colors are not that easy to pull off as Back to Basics. Still, once you find the right pigmentation and technique that suits your skin tone, it's one of those rare products (like most of Edward Bess beauty line) that you got addicted to. 

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