Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Boots No. 7 Lip Pencil Nude

Boots No. 7 is an established UK cosmetics brand that I've recently discovered. I haven't overcome why I missed out this highly popular brand for such a long time. They're well-recognized for their skincare products that usually create a long line in the stores, very much like Apple's launching iPad 2. I make a mental note to try out their eyecream and serum once I finish my kiehl's goodies.

The first makeup item on my No. 7 craving list is their lip pencil in Nude.

Nude ($6.99 at my local Target) has the beautiful balance of a natural brown, pink and mauve. It's natural, subtle yet it doesn't completely mute out my lip colors. Nude is the pencil version of Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Pure Impulse (review is coming) - same pigmentation, same shade and longevity. In fact, the difference between Nude and Pure Impulse is so nuanced that it is only detectable by a close-up scrutiny. Nude is razor-thin deeper than Pure Impulse. Formulated in a pencil, Nude dries matte. Pure Impulse, on the other hand, has glossy finish. Both have their own advantage but Nude sticks to the lip canvas better.
My lips aren't the best in the world and I can immediately tell if a lip pencil emphasizes my weakness. No. 7 Nude doesn't dry out my lips, instead it moisturizes and smoothes out the texture of my lips. It's the first lip pencil that I feel confident to wear. It's creamy, soft and weightless. Nude drives matte without making my lips chapped. Also as a plus, it stays put for 6 hours. I'm really impressed with the quality.

You can find Boots No. 7 products at Target stores. Online retailers are www.target.com, www. drugstore.com, www.usboots.com and www.amazon.com

Bottom line. A must-have!

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