Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Mirage, Storm, Intimate, Mystery, Dusk

Edward Bess is well-known for his wonderful eyeshadows. There are 8 single eyeshadows in his permanent line, three of which are left out from this review (Nude, Night and Escape).


Edward Bess eyeshadows possess interestingly unique qualities - buildable and pigmented. They are as pigmented as the best of Dior, Chanel, or Guerlain. When used sheer, they remind me of Paul and Joe's eyeshadows, yet longer wearing. They look stunning on my medium skin. I believe they will look just as gorgeous on different skin tone thanks to these qualifications.

Texture-wise, Edward Bess creates the best eyeshadows I've ever known of. They're silky, butter smooth. They glide on easily and evenly but they are not powdery like Inglot, theBalm or Cle de Peau that cake up my eyeslids. They can produce effortless no-makeup looks.

Regardless how you apply them, sheer or opaque, they stay fresh more than 12 hours with an eye primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Ultra luminous single eyeshadows

Mirage is a shimmery champagne peach. This has the highest shimmer of the bunch. I love to highlight the inner half of my eyelids with Mirage. It can be used as a swatch of shimmer or swatch of color, my lids look like themselves with touch of shine. Mirage is distinctive from the rest of the single eyeshadows I own. It feels not as silky as the rest but it's still very smooth.

Storm is a silvery mauve that leans both grey and violet under different light conditions. On my lids, it appears more silvery grey than mauve on my arm swatch. The softest among the shades I own, Storm works wonder as a lid color or to brighten up the inner conners.

Intimate is satin brown taupe with khaki touch. It's the most sophisticated color in my entire eyeshadow collection. It still puzzles me how Edward manages to pull off taupe, brown and khaki in one shade no matter how sheer you apply it. It looks great as on my lid, outer V, lash lines.

Dusk is a satin grey taupe that also leans brown. It looks gorgeous on my warm skin, not too cool not too warm not too neutral or dull. It's deeper than Intimate but cooler at the same time. It's just as versatile as Intimate.

Mystery is a satin warm brown that doesn't look bruised on my eyes. Most warm/chocolate browns make my eyes look swollen. But Mystery is a special exception. Although having a satin finish, Mystery has the minimum shine possible, the sign of a great crease color.


Outdoors, indirect sunlight that washed off the shimmer

Direct sunlight, warmer lighting
Storm and Mirage, made in Taiwan, are housed in less sturdy case. Edward also dropped the sponge-tipped applicators in Made in Taiwan version, which doesn't bother me at all.

Edward Bess single eyeshadows are retailed at $30 for 0.07 oz on,, Bergdof Goodman (in store and online), Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, California and Dallas, Texas (and online).

Bottom line. Truly must-haves! Great for makeup beginners or those who enjoy understated chic and demand superb quality. I urge you to try them out!

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