Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Edward Bess Deep Shine Lipgloss in Nude Satin

Edward Bess Nude Satin ($30), a pretty mauvy nude, is the first of his line that forces me to slip "meh". Slowly my critique raised to "ah nice" but "may be not again still".
First thing I noticed: sticky and fig scent. The latter doesn't bother me at all, the first does though.

Another drawback? It's sheer and almost disappear in my medium red-tinted lips.

Hold on... Before you embed "pass" in your mind, I'm happy to tell you that despite its stickiness, Nude Satin is really longwearing. It defeats a lunch with clam chowder and sandwiches.

And that's not the end. Nude Satin is also surprisingly moisturizing. I though sticky lipglosses would guarantee chappy lips. But I was completely wrong.

Nude Satin feels weightless, which brings me another pleasant surprise.
And hold on, I'm not finished yet. Nude Satin looks incredibly beautiful on top of Edward Bess Tender Love, Pure Impulse (reviews coming soon), Boots No 7. lip pencil, and many other rosy lipsticks I own. It adds just the right mauve tint with some glossy natural finish. This way, the tackiness is remarkably reduced and Nude Satin feels more comfortable on my lips.

Bottom line. Like but not love. If only it were less sticky and had more pigmentation, it'd be my holy grail  gloss. I think it looks far more flattering and unique on top of lipsticks than on its own. But check it out, some still enjoy this lippie.

Have you tried other Deep Shine lipgloss? Are they sticky? What would you recommend for higher pigmentation than Nude Satin? 

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