Thursday, January 5, 2012

Edward Bess Beauty - Introduction and Preview

"Edward Bess is a very well thought-through beauty brand". Many makeup connoisseurs have stated that. And it is true. By starting an Edward Bess series post, I officially declare myself an Edward Bess fan, permanently.

I possessed the first Edward Bess product back in November. But I want to play with the products thoroughly so that I'm not biased by all the raves, particularly those from my favorite beauty bloggers. Three features define the Edward Bess' signature, in my opinion.

First and foremost is the luxurious quality of his products. Most of them if not all offer super finely milled and silky texture without being overly powdery. I don't think many beauty brands can deliver great quality for all three product categories - eye, lip, and face. But Edward does. Phenomenal.  I'm totally blown away by the quality alone.

Second, the colors look mundane and regular in the pan and even on the arm swatches. I don't feel inspired when looking at the pictures of the products. But they are extremely flattery on my skin (and on many other beauty bloggers'). Edward Bess colors can look like those from just any other brand but it's different.

Third, Edward Bess products represent the ultimate goof-proof. His products are blendable, buildable, wearable and sophisticated. Trust me, I tried to overdo my makeup, and it's quite impossible (unless you paint your face ridiculously on purpose).

In one word, exquisite.

Price point. Edward Bess is a luxurious brand, comparable to Guerlain, Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and the likes. I rank his lipsticks higher than the legendary Guerlain's Rouge G formula, more lightweight, creamier and stays put just as long. I think the price is right.

At the moment, Edward Bess offers a quite narrow color range although his colors are beyond gorgeous, in my opinion. If you want more trendy colors, you wouldn't feel satisfied. But if you demand superb quality, flattering wearable colors and polished results, Edward got you covered. You're missing out if you haven't tried his products.

Where to buy.,, Begdorf Goodman (in store and online), Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, California and Dallas, Texas (and online) and is now on It will be available in sephora stores starting May 2012.

Other helpful sources.

Best Things in Beauty
Cafe Makeup
Karla Sugar
The Beauty Look Book
The Non-Blonde

Now, it's time for the sneak peak of my (current-and-soon-to-grow) Edward Bess collection. Stay tune for reviews on these goodies!

Ultra Luminous Eyeshadows in Mystery, Intimate, Dusk, Mirage and Storm (reviews here)

Eyeshadow Trio in Soft Smoke (reviewed here)

All Over Seduction highlighter in Afterglow and Sunlight (reviewed here)

Ultra luminous bronzer in Day Dream

Blush Imperial in Soft Orchid (reviewed here)

Ultra Slick Lipstick in Tender Love and Pure Impulse

Deep Shine Lipgloss in Nude Satin

Latest addition to Edward Bess color: Back to Basics, Berry Chic, Quad Royal Summer in Capri and South of France.

Have you tried Edward Bess? Do you love it? What are your favorite products?

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