Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream

Continuing with my Edward Bess adventure, today post features one of his best sellers - Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream (the deeper bronzer is Desert Sun). I got mine from Neiman Marcus and it is the former edition. His current bronzers are packed and shaded differently from the one I own. I recommend you check out Best Things in Beauty's review of the new bronzers.
The original bronzer in Daydream ($48 for 0.25 oz) is an ultimate neutral tan. It doesn't lean cool nor warm although it seems to have tiny golden shimmer that's barely noticeable. It warms up and lightens up my complexion, giving me a healthy looking skin. Daydream is highly pigmented yet layerable and blendable.

When swatched against Nars Laguna and Dior Aurora, Edward Bess Daydream appears rather similar  to the other two in the photo. My camera didn't capture the differences among them as mush as I'd have liked. Anyway, Daydream is the most neutral of the bunch and also has the least shimmer. The three share similar color depth although distinctive in undertone. Dior Aurora has more peach undertone and slightly more shimmery. NARS Laguna is the deepest shades also the most shimmery. NARS Laguna and Edward Bess Daydream have neutral undertone but Laguna is more golden while Daydream is more beige.
On my particular skin tone (medium with yellow undertone and a bit of pink), Edward Bess Daydream can look more neutral that I want if applied with heavy hands. Good news is - Best Things in Beauty has reported that the new latest version of Daydream has more golden hue that will suit a wider range of skintones. 

Direct sunlight emphasizes the shimmer of NARS Laguna and Dior Aurora.
The texture of Daydream is phenomenal, soft, smooth and delicate. It stays put at least 6 hours (I haven't worn my makeup longer than this recently), which exceeds my expectation. Blushes and bronzers tend to last 4-5 hours on me.

Bottom line. Love it! If you're a bronzer lover, you'll need Daydream. Even for someone like me who doesn't use much of bronzer either for contouring or as a blush, Daydream is still worth to own. 

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