Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: New Revlon 16-hour Color Stay Eyeshadow in Adventurous

Today I took a little departure from my Edward Bess series to feature a recent favorite purchase from my local drugestore - a new Revlon 16-hour Color Stay Eyeshadow quad. Revlon Adventurous ($5.97 for 0.16 oz at my local Walmart) is a beautifully coordinated quad. It contains a pearly ivory infused with golden shimmer that reminds me of NARS Albatros, a frosty khaki green, a frosty bronze and a matte deep brown. I love how it offers various finish and a range of color depth. The quad stays balanced for its cool green, warm bronze and a neutral brown. Despite looking rather dramatic in color, Adventurous is surprisingly wearable.
All four shades are highly pigmented. The ivory and the brown (shades 1 and 4) are more opaque than the other two. The shimmer of this quad is another prominent advantage to my taste. It's not at all overly done, just enough to be visible and add some glam to the shade.

Does it last 16  hours? I didn't have time to wear Adventurous more than 12 hours but it did stay fresh over hour 10. That's good enough for my need.

The texture of this quad is really good, soft and smooth. Shade 1 and 4 are exceptionally buttery smooth while the other two feel a bit hard. All are blendable and layerable.

The case of the new Color Stay quad seems more stable than the old ones. I think it's a progressive change from the rectangle to a square case that works more neatly and feels sleeker. I don't really use the sponge-tipped applicator that comes with the quad as it's too short for a good handling and application but some of you might like it.

Swatches and swatches

Note the shimmer show up when I tilted my hand. See how shade 1 (the golden ivory) is a reminiscence of NARS Albatros. You can totally double it up as a cheek highlighter.

Overall thoughts. Impressive. Opaque. Long-wearing. Soft. Wearable. Many former Revlon Color Stay went extremely sheer on my lids. They didn't last over the morning either. So I'm more than happy that Revlon keeps their promise as advertised with Adventurous. Highly recommended! I myself feel the urge to check out the rest of this line.

Well done Revlon. 

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