Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Sunlight and Afterglow

A total highlighter sucker am I, nothing's more appealing than a highlighter that creates natural, seamless yet visible glowy complexions. While I do love quite a few powder highlighters (here), the powder formula prevent them to become the second-skin. So my quest for an ideal highlighter continues.... Until I discovered Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Sunlight and Afterglow. Actually, I haven't touched any of my powder highlighters since my first use of Sunlight and Afterglow back in November.

Some basic questions you might ask 1) Do they create naturally glow as if it's from within? 2) Do they emphasize the pores? 3) Is the formula creamy enough for a easy blending; 4) Will they disappear on my skin and 5) Do they stay fresh for typical 8-hour working day?

The answers: Oh Yeesss! Not at all! Yes! Yes and Yes!

Sunlight and Afterglow ($38 for 0.08 oz) are ridiculously fine and smooth. They glides on like a charm leaving no streaks. You won't detect where the highlighter begin and where it ends. Just use your fingers as applicators. Both are infused with the most exquisite champagne shimmer that adds lovely sheen to the skin.

Sunlight is more champagne than MAC Cream Color Base in Cream, while Afterglow is more peachy than MAC Cream Color Base in Hush. EB All Over Seduction has more delicate shimmer and simply more sophisticated. They're just at a different class from MAC's.
Both Sunlight and Afterglow look wonderful day and night. It's the matter how you feel to wear them. Sunlight is a ivory champagne and Afterglow is a pinkish peach. Sunlight stands out more on my medium warm skintone but still maintains the natural glow-from-within sheen. Afterglow matches my skin more. It blends into my skin and hence produces more subtle glow. But Afterglow is still visible under night light.
Note that both has a light fig scent, which doesn't reduce my attachment to them.

Bottom line. Legendary highlighters. These are how a luxurious highlighter should be. Everyone needs them. Get them, you can't be disappointed! 


  1. Does the Edward Bess Afterglow happen to be similar to the Dior Amber Diamond?
    Great review, super pics - thanks!

    1. Anonymous - Edward Bess Afterglow has peachy undertone while Dior Amber Diamond has copper undertone. Both has super finely milled shimmer. The cream formula of Edward Bess, however, creates more natural glow as it blends better into the skin. Hope this helps!

    2. thanks a lot ! Susanne

  2. I still have yet to try EB!! Those highlighters look simply scrumptious, especially Afterglow. I haven't had much luck with highlighters, so maybe one of his will do the trick! Great review!

    1. Gummy: you gotta give EB a try! I love love love the highlighters. Swear by them and almost haven't used anything else since I got them.


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