Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: Boots No. 7 Mineral Perfection Eyeshadow in 05 Rose

A much delayed review on Boots No. 7 Mineral Perfection Eyeshadow in 05 Rose is finally here. Given how much I love Topaz (review here), I had sky-high expectation for Rose. The satin khaki taupe grabbed my attention immediately while I was absorbed in the taupe craze last November :) There are also a satin cool rosy pink and an satin icy blue that turns silver on my skin. What a tough color combination for my warm skin tone! However, these colors are all wearable.

Rose offers decent opacity although still a notch sheerer than Topaz. The mineral formula seems to soften the texture quite a bit compared to the Stay Perfect line. It lasts for good 10 hours without falls out.

All three shades have a very delicate sheen.

You can see the base colors
Bottom line. Like but not love. If Rose were more pigmented, I would over look the challenging color coordination. Considering the price and the quality it has to offer, I think this trio is a really good deal. 


  1. I never tried something from boots but I do love the look of some of their products like these palettes! Like you said, the combo seems tricky for a warm toned skin so I'm really curious how you use these!

    1. I just use less of either the pink or the icy blue then use brown eyeliner to add some more warmth. The colors are quite soft so they don't outcompete each other xx


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