Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in 20 Good Earth & 30 Capuccino

Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Good Earth and Cappuccino ($7.99 at my local Target) are my first experience with the brand. I didn't what to expect especially with the longevity of the shadows. Too often I found drugstore eye makeup fades as soon as I finish my full face. There were testers on the rack (really a one notch up for Target) but I was wearing another brand and didn't want to remove it for these eyeshadows. Fortunately, they are really nice, quality-wise and color-wise.  
Stay Perfect Eyeshadow line consists of a quite wide range of color, from neutral to purple, blue, green, peach, pink. All colors are soft and elegant but I was feeling overwhelmed with trendy colors and ended with all neutrals. Good Earth and Cappuccino share almost identical color theme, taupe and soft brown, only slightly different in finish and the depth of color. Cappuccinno is a bit warmer, lighter and more shimmery than Good Earth.

Both are quite pigmented although not at the best of No. 7. The only shade that sticks out is the highlighter. It's sheer, chalky and doesn't stay put, in both trios.

Good Earth and Cappuccino last at least 10 hours on my lids with a standard eyeprimer. They stayed fresh until I removed them, which I think was a huge plus give how soft the colors were and they weren't super opaque. I didn't detect any fall out even with the highlighters. Silky smooth. Blendable.

My complain goes with the packaging. The double-ended sponge-tipped applicators are useless. It doesn't pickup enough color and the C-shaped handle feels odd to my fingers. I also wish the wells for the bottom 2 shades were bigger. They are too narrow for a regular shader brush. Also, the case isn't sturdy; the plastic cover moves around and can fall out if you over-press it.
Bottom line. Great every eyeshadows. They're even better with the price. So easy to use and the result is polish and chic. They're sleek and light for travel but you might want to guard it carefully since the case is kind of flimsy. 

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