Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Beauty Revolution - Back to Basics

Many makeup beginners start from natural to more dramatic looks. I've found myself wandering from the opposition direction. The more I wear makeup, the more I appreciate clean fresh outfits for my face. You've probably realized my taupe craze, my huge haul of neutrals or seamless highlighters on this blog. I also love a pop of color on my lips or cheeks or inner corners of the eyes. It brings modern twists to the classic chic of neutrals.

Hence comes my latest inspiration...

When it comes to flawless complexion, subtle eye makeup yet phenomenal transformation, no one does it better than Koreans, IMO. Recently, I've been obsessed with celebrity makeup artist Jung Seam Mool makeup style. Below is one of my favorites. Her youtube channel provides great makeup tips for almost all types of facial structures, especially different eye shapes although it does feel a bit repetitive after a while.


  1. Yeah I really like her make up tutorials too, but sometimes they do look all the same. I guess is the same techniques that she been using. I noticed when she apply make ups, she just tap them on gently. I guess that way you can limit how much product you're putting on, giving it a natural look.

  2. Helen, I couldn't agree more! Plus, I think Koreans like a "standard" look, big round eyes, straight brows, oval face, flawless pale skin, round heart-shaped lips, etc.


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