Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2014 - Addition of Softcore

My apologies for lacking of posts lately, especially reviews on the instantly-sold-old Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2014 collection. My excuse is a cliche yet true - my crazy work schedule. I'm enjoying my job and got sucked up with it. Anyway, I need to update you guys with my latest obsession of Tom Ford Beauty - his contouring cheek color duos. They're my favorite from the line and from any other brands I've tested!! Love. Admired. Obsessed. Use them everyday since August.

Remember I was pondering on the other cheek contouring color Softcore in August? (please check out this preview of the collection here). You guested it. I love Stroked so much that I decided to splurge on Softcore via Below are my final picks from the collection.

(Click to enlarge)

And here is a close-up of Softcore and Stroked (under direct sunlight).

Both Softcore and Stroked are extremely pigmented so I would recommend a not so dense brush and a light hand. You can certainly build up for more dramatic contouring/highlighting effect. I've been sporting them non-stop for day looks and beyond happy with both. Reviews are coming I promised!

Which do you prefer Softcore or Stroked?

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