Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No. 20 Midnight Blue

Blue eyeshadows have a special place in my makeup memories. Growing up in the hay day of bright eye makeup, I used to play up my eyes with all shades of blue. Today, I don't wear blues as often, only for smokey looks or intense eyeliners. But it's hard to find a good blue that doesn't get into your face or else it looks old fashion. Burberry Midnight Blue ($29 for 0.088 oz) is the perfect blue for smokey eye.
Midnight Blue is a dark blue with purple undertone and soft grey shimmer. It goes on opaque, not at all sheer as the name suggests. You can either use it sheer with a blending brush or layer for more intense look. I think Midnight Blue works best when you rock it to the max. The blue pigment, the purple undertone and the grey shimmer all fully show up with two layer. It's stunning!! Big love!

Because it's layerable, Midnight Blue can be used alone to create a smokey look. You just need to deposit more powder on the areas you want to define, e.g outer corners of the eyes. But that would require good blending skills as this eyeshadow is intense, no joke. I don't have really good hands so I use Edward Bess Storm eyeshadow on the inner corner and to soften the edges. The result is modern and sexy (I think ;;)).

Swatched under direct sunlight

Like other Burberry eyeshadows, Midnight Blue has buttery smooth texture that is soft without over powdery. It glides on like a charm and very easy to blend.

Midnight Blue does produce fall-outs during application, which dark eyeshadows tend to behave anyway, but stays fresh 10 hours after that with a standard primer. I would recommend you finish the eyes before doing the base and use a tissue to cover under eye areas from fall-outs.

Bottom line. Phenomenal color and quality. Multi-dimensional, Midnight Blue is a perfect candidate for smokey eyes look with single color. The purple undertone makes it a more wearable blue. A must-have for all the blue lovers!


  1. Pretty! I hope you share a look with it soon! :)

    1. I can't wait to to do so, Joyce! I need the sun to corporate when I'm at home. xx

  2. I love this shadows! Are very nice!! Thanks for share it :)
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  3. My God--this HAS to be the most gorgeous blue shadow I've ever seen. I NEED this--I've been very into using blue shadows to line my lower lashline lately and I think this one would look STUNNING! Plus, Burberry by far has the best powder formula I've ever tried. NEED this!

    1. Thank you Becca! How do you line your lower lash line with blue? I'd love to learn. I'm very clumsy when it comes to the lower lashes.


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