Sunday, September 9, 2012

My quest for the inner peace. Ep 2 - Belly fat and peace

Happy Sunday everyone! I just finished my daily yoga routine, feeling energized yet so relaxed that I got inspired to share with you my journey for a better health. 
When starting this post series, I was three weeks into Dahn Yoga training. I expected to feel absolutely calm and peaceful in few months. These mini-documentary posts would hold me in place one day at a time to find the inner peace. Little did I know that I'd find it in week five. I am peace, literally. I didn't feel any anger, resentment, frustration or sadness, nothing but peace. It roots deeply inside a body and soul that I own and have the ability to manifest. So technically, I can end the series here. But it ain't that easy to keep the peace positioned inside my mind. If I didn't have to work, I'd just spend time on meditation. But I do. We human beings in this busy world never stop receiving stress and toxics as the results of our daily life. We then have to release stress out of our body and mind. My vision now is to go deeper into all the troubles that brought me to yoga in the first place, and focus on the positive aspect of my life and some initial improvements I made through the training. 

Here they are.

I lost 2 pounds after one week and have remained the same weight until now - three month mark. And guess where? My belly. I've tried countless fitness regimes that targeted the core and abs like pilates. They helped my muscles but did nothing to my belly. This first response encouraged me to keep on going. 

My mind and my physical body have more connection. I become more aware of my physical healthy status, which really motivates me to follow the training. As a control freak as I am, the idea of self-healing is appealing to me. I now have faith in myself that I can master my emotions, strength and weaknesses under any circumstances. I become calmer and more stable. It's much harder to get me annoyed or angry these days. I am happy about this. 

I do believe that Dahn Yoga is the training I need. It's not only a physical training program but also a spiritual and mental support with methods and tools. And trust me. I'm a scientist. It takes a heck lot to convince me a health training program can enhance my spiritual life, which in turns will improve my physical conditions. My husband noticed the changes first hand. He's been telling me that I no longer get on his nerves :D. Yoga works for me. The more I believe, the faster and deeper I recover from stress.

This post has more ramblings than usual. I just have to share. Until next time, I wish you all health and happiness. 

xx Joanne

Where the mind goes; the energy follows; the blood flows and the matter occurs.

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