Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No. 07 Taupe Brown

This review was initially aimed to rant about Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No. 7 Taupe Brown ($29 for 0.088 oz). Since I saved hard to purchase it, I refused to believe that it was a miss and tried different ways to rock it. Fortunately, Taupe Brown, beside having excellent quality, works wonderfully to complement other eyeshadows in my collection. And it's beautiful!

Taupe Brown looks rather dull and mediocre in the pan at first. It's a matte taupe brown, leaning neither warm or cool. I grabbed it under the taupe craze influence. So it concerned me at first when I used it alone or strongly defined my outer V with Burberry eyeshadow Rosewood. I didn't know how opaque I'd want and the test run horrified me. My eyes looked heavy and bruised. 

But, Taupe Brown works wonderfully with Rosewood with a light hand. It adds warmth to cool shades (e.g. L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow Liquid Diamond and Burberry eyeshadow Pearl Grey), and injects some coolness to warm shades like Burberry eyeshadow Pale Barley and Midnight Brown. It balances out the eye makeup color. So cool! Quite a few of my other eyeshadows got used more often ever since I figured how to wear Taupe Brown :) I love the effect it creates and its versatility. 

Plus, Taupe Brown matches my brow color quite perfectly and stays put. If I want full natural brows, I use Taupe Brown. It's however not a unique shade at least not that I know of. You can find similar colors from any brand for this basic shade. Maybe not exact dupes, but close. 

Like other Burberry eyeshadows, Taupe Brown has buttery smooth texture though less so than satin/shimmer finish. Once applied on top of a standard primer, it stays fresh for at least 10 hours. It might fall off a bit when used on the brows. I shield the under eye areas with a tissue and the problem is solved.

Now, would I recommend it for every body? If you love taupe and want a versatile neutral eyeshadow to support other eyeshadows in your collection, you would want to check this out. However, you might already own something similar at lower price tag, then you can safely skip it. For those who want to try out Burberry eyeshadows, I would suggest other shades like Pale Barley, Midnight Brown or Midnight Blue.

Bottom line. My everyday beauty secret. Love it but might not for everyone. 


  1. Ah more Burberry gorgeousness to drool over :( I NEED a counter closer to me!!!

    1. Yeah, right? I don't have any either and blogs are my life savers ;)

  2. Ohhh i like your description of it! I always thought about getting this one, but now I'm wondering if it is too similar to the dark sable one I got! But yea i would love a good neutralizing eyeshadow... hmm! OH and my burberry SA put taupe brown on my brows and it looked so natural and amazing - I don't recall any fallout either, so i dunno what she did!

    1. Thank you Joyce! I think Dark Sable is warmer and browner than Taupe Brown. I wouldn't know what to choose either, seriously girls can't never have too many browns :D xx


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